Update: :party: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BABY SNAKES!!!1 :party:

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Awesome photos.

Aww, can you feed it something? :smiley:

So, is he going to review a light or what?

is the snake reacting to heat from flashlight?

Send it to Chloe, she’ll teach it manners and feed it up, make it a good flashaholic someday.

What kind of snake is it? Venomous?

I’m wondering how Comfy is going to build that snake into a flashlight for Old Lumens’ contest :wink:

It's a baby copperhead...

...not really, but since copperheads are relatively scarce almost nobody knows what one looks like, so when they see this very common little brownish-red species, the first thought is always 'OMGCOPPERHEAD!!!!1' It's actually Storeria Dekayi, completely harmless unless you are unlucky enough to be a slug or earthworm.

Why is Comychair taking pictures of a Viper and not informing us of his latest mods? Back to work you naughty boy.

Those are amazing photos, nice work!

looks like a cornsnake

Nice pics.
I like to see snakes.
We get 7 species in our backyard here in Queensland, none dangerous, unlike the ones we had in Victoria, all of which were deadly.

And Lizards: (Bluetongue)


What's that? Looks like one we have here (southern U.S. -; is it an invasive or something different that just looks similar?

We call them white naped or white crowned snake. Cacophis harriettae
Common in leaf debris, under pots etc.

Carpet pythons, green tree snake, the very pretty whipsnake, red bellied black snakes,
brown snakes, and taipans.
This is a small taipan outside my workplace:


Dude, apart from the Pythons, where we are we get Taipans, Blacks, European Browns and King Browns that can be many meters in length plus all the the usual suspects, each of those is in the top 10. Less common, but we also get Tigers too. If you havent had any yet, thats lucky. But believe me, they are there on Buderim. Remember, the mountain used to be all Paw Paw ad various fruit plantations. Lots of rats etc. Seriously, if you see well aged King Brown, youll near faint. They are monstrously long, and deadly.

If you get red bellies, keep em, they eat all the others.


Seriously snakes around here are easily deadly. Leaving them alone on your property can be asking for trouble. The will hide, live, whatever, where you dont want them. First you know, someone is bitten. Its all good if you know it, react in plenty of time, not so good if you dont. Some situations give you less than an hour, and recovery is very hard, and long.

Yep, you should give snakes a healthy respect.

Saw a bandy bandy one night on the Hunchy road. Amazing markings.

But, my wife won’t allow them in the house. So, the ones I catch around the house usually get released. Unless they are Cotton Mouths. Those have to be dispatched for safety reasons. Good thing is I have trained my wife that not EVERY snake must be chopped up. (a common reaction) My yard backs up to a creek. We get tons of snakes, mostly harmless and those are MORE than welcome in the yard. They help control the rat & mice. With out the snakes, I would never be able to keep the rats out of my attic.

Once a year in spring I send a email out to all my neighbors to call me to come get the snakes out of their yards. It works well. Last year I think I got 10 snakes from the neighborhood that would have been CHOPPED!! I bring them all to my back yard and release them. Even my 11 year old daughter knows how to identify the common snakes in our area. She loves snakes too.

But….I love cats too. I have one young hyper black cat. So my snake rescue program doesn’t always work as planned! :bigsmile: