Back and amazed! (Re-Introduction)

Greetings from Pennsylvania! A life altering illness had me take an unexpected lengthy hiatus from the flashlight hobby and BLF sometime back in 2018, but I pulled through and more recently I’ve been getting back in to it and I’m amazed how things have advanced since then!

I have around 60 lights in my collection. My first “real” LED flashlight was an Ultrafire HD2010, bought in 2012 not long after joining BLF, I still have it!

I’ve already bought one new light recently, a Folomov 18650s 219D (Mil. grey 920lm/5000k version) an awesome light BTW.
I’m also looking at several others but the technology now available is getting me stoked to first do some upgrades and revive some old projects.

Thanks for reading! I wish everyone peace and wellness through these unsettling times!

Good to see you are back.

I like my 18650S as well. It came with the 3000k 218D and now it has a Luxeon V2. Mighty find light.

Couple group buys for some pretty nice lights.

Take care

Stay safe.

Welcome back Beam0 !

Yes, technology evolved, so there are lot of options to upgrade your lights!

I remember you! Welcome back!!

Welcome back! :sunglasses:

Welcome back! Where in Pa.?

Welcome back, can’t wait to see some stuff

Welcome back, beam0!

Thanks all for the warm welcome back!


I’m in Western PA, NE of Pittsburgh.