Backup charging for 18650 lights question

Any ever test these?
One better then the other?
Any thoughts ?


Want to grab a few before we bug out

Haven’t tried either of those, but I love the Armytek Handy C1 Pro for this use.

I have one of these, it works fine and it’s cheaper

I have Folomov and Foursevens chargers in this style. Both work. Foursevens build quality is more pleasant and it supports NiMh batteries. OTOH Folomov is cheaper and acts as a powerbank.
Neither gets a lot of use really…but Folomov definitely more.

I have had the the Olight UC compact magnetic USB charger for over 6 months. I use it when I travel so I have only used it 10 or so times. Its worked well so far although, I do not do any type of voltage measurements before and after charging. I like it because it is very light and portable and will charge all of the battery types I might have with me 14500, 16340, 18650, Enloop AA,AAA etc.

I’ve got the Olight as well and it’s worked great, no complaints!

I also have an Olight and the li-on’s come off it at around 4.18v (measured immediately after the light turns green).

101$ ?

Cool will grab a few
Thanks guys

Olight charger is out of stock on Amazon but you can find several eBay sellers who charge $10 and have free shipping.

We each grabbed a magnet charger
TY much

This new Amazon prime is amazing

I "built" one using a charging board and two magnets