Backyard beamshots .......added more

Try again. Post edited.

I reckon I’ve driven around there. Lots of different types of plants. :wink:
Looks like a good place to get the motored two wheels dirty.

Modded smallsun a13 with xhp50 and custom fet driver

Modded Ultrafire C1 with P60 XHP50 drop-in

C8 I modded. with u guessed it.... xhp50 on the first pic... the second is an XPL Hi V3

This is one of those $2 cheap police lights i modded with an XPL Hi V3

All of these lights are actually pretty heavily modded. If you wanna know exactly what ive done to any of them just ask.

Cool lights dehc111. I haven’t used the xhp50 at all. I don’t know why it hasn’t sparked that much interest for me??

I was away for the long weekend just gone and got some quick beamshots with my phone. The 2 lights used were Tk75vn and TK61wKD reflector.
The 2 distances, measured on nearmaps, come in at 170m and 248m

I thought I took a zoomed in shot of both lights but apparently I only got the tk61 :person_facepalming:

Using the 2 lights together was great for spotting. The tk75 lit up a broader area so my eyes could focus better and the tk61 highlighted what I was trying to see. Sorry no pic of that (not enough hands :confounded: )

Nice shots pp. I’m with you on the preference for medium sized multi reflectors over the single large reflector.