Backyard beamshots .......added more

I guess this is more of a beam comparison than an output one because the camera seems to have auto adjusted something. I tried to use manual settings but this camera has me befuddled :TIRED: The hotspot on the first 2 lights are brighter than the others but it doesn’t appear that way in the pics.

Yinding Ivago mod
Custom pill/heat spreader
2x xpl hi
LD2 driver
2x unprotected 18650

Multifunction bikelight
Custom pills
2x xpl hi
2x LD1 drivers
2x unprotected 18650

Shadow JM20
Stock standard
Unprotected 26650

Dive light
Stock standard
Unprotected 26650

FM 26650
Sportac triple nichia
Unprotected 26650

Trustfire tube
Custom pill
KD boost driver
Unprotected 26650

WF-2100 (WF-501b head, UF2100 body)
Custom pill
Fet driver
2x protected Keeppower 16340

Lumapower Strive
Stock standard
Unprotected 26650

Airayland Stainless
Stock standard
Unprotected 26650

DQG 26650
Stock standard
Unprotected 26650

That’s some wall you got there! BTW, great beam shots :slight_smile:

Nice pics as well as back yard. I noticed a couple of plants grew a couple of inches by the time you finished. :wink:
Whats the dive light and would you take it diving?

I might get that done. It’ll have to be spread over a couple of nights though. It took me a few hours making the OP - take pics, check them on the pc, adjust camera settings re-take the pics, upload etc…

Not the highlight of this house, :confounded: Moved in about 8-9 months ago. The missus is happy with inside and this is the highlight for me…

Good, the faster the plants grow the less I have to look at the wall :expressionless: I don’t dive so the divelight is not used in water. It’s sold as a ‘starry light dxm’. I bought it before it got branded to play with the stepless dimming. It seems like a well made light for the money. I would have no problem dunking it but I’m not sure how reliable it would be for actual diving use?? It is a one piece design and the tail has 2 thick O-rings that are squeezed tight but the front end is like a regular torch, not a dive light with a handful of screws securing the lens.

Your highlight cant be much. Its not showing up. :person_facepalming:

Doh! It was just a pic of my mancave. I haven’t worked out how to post pics with my phone so nothing i can do to rectify it ATM. Thanks

Great Pics - Thanks for showing

We need pictures of man caves. :slight_smile:

Mancave. With a few switches flicked on then everything is ready to go - drill, 2 grinders, lathe, air compressor, vacuum, dremel, hobby chargers, soldering iron, heat gun, wall fan, stereo… I think that’s about it :crown: Of course, there’s maybe just a little bit of junk thrown in :zipper_mouth_face:

Your really teasing now with the description and no picture. :slight_smile:

Damit! It’ll be a let down when you see it. I don’t know why I can post the beamshots but not a mancave?? Try again…

Also got a late runner. I took the pics last night but got the E14 in the mail today

Thanks pp. You have one very neat, clean man cave there. :slight_smile: :beer:

Hehe, I said it would be a disappointment :blush:


Do you live in a town house? Neighbors must love your torches hahaha

I think I’ll change the title as I have some outdoor shots :partying_face: :innocent:

In the line up there are 20 torches but I didn’t take a pic of the 1504 as the camera battery was running low and I didn’t think that pic would be that interesting (a little square of light off in the distance). Also in the DQG pic you can see the side of my arm at the edge, sorry… yes I know… very unprofessional :confounded:

Pics are take in order of the line up, right to left, front row then back.


Manker E14


Airayland stainless



Trustfire tube

FM sportac



Multi bikelight

ZY-TO7 I’m not sure if this was in high mode??




TK75 (3 emitter)

BTU shocker



Thanks for lookin

TK61 XHP70+LUM, BTU shocker, TK75 (3 emitter). You have to love these three.
What a difference in the TK61’s with the different led and reflector. Was the XHP70 3C tint?
Thanks again for the shots.

What’s the difference?

One is a light that a great BLF member worked on for me (remember that? :wink: ) . It has the big KD reflector in it and a dedomed xp-g2 s4.

The other is one I worked on all on my lonesome. Fet driver, dedomed (slice method) xhp70 and the faceted reflector.

I really should write down the light specs including led tints because honestly I have no idea what they are, sorry. I even tried to back check what I have ordered in the past but that didn’t really clarify anything :frowning:

I was driving near the spot I took the second lot of pics the other day and stop to get a day shot.

Was it snowing? :wink: