Bad idea or just expensive?

I'm toying with the idea of using 3x32650s in a Maglite host with a LED MR16 4 watt spot bulb.

I know it wont be brighter than the 3x Dry that I already have, but I want to do something with this club of a maglite and that seems like an option.

Anybody tried a conversion to MR16 on a Mag ?

Anybody tried to run an MR16 off 3 32650s in Series? Any ideas on runtime?

Maybe it is just me... But isnt that kind of weak now a days?

I dont know if it is because it is an easy mod or you seek the ultimate runtime light so could you perhaps elaborate a little on the goal?

yes the MR16 bulb fits nicely in the mag

there is a adaptor available from one of the custom builders on the other side

i ran a halogen bulb not a LED output was around 2000 lumen's which was very bright at the time

2 may be ok. Would not dare to go for 3 in series... ever. Not even IMR cells.

I'm thinking enough light to be usable, enough throw to helpful and enough run time to last a whole weekend camping trip without a spare set of cells.

i ran my one on 4 18500s ultrafire protected cells with no issues in a 3D Mag

and on 12 half Ds NiMH in a mag with extension tube

I did that with eneloops in a 3D host and a PR - M16 lamp adapter. I didn't care for it much. Most of those M16 reflector+lamp assemblies are semi-transparent. A large percentage of light shines through the reflector and ends up being wasted lumens that get lost inside the MAG bezel, and never make it OTF. I think I had this light configured this way for 2-3 days. Pulled it apart and converted it back to a MAG-1185 with all those eneloops... much more efficient that way.