Bad Manafont TR-1200 body!

Hello. 2 years ago I brought DX TR-1200. When DX start selling XP-G leds I made new 5 x XP-G dropin. For old dropin I decide to buy new Manafont TR-1200 body. When I received it, I was very surprised.

My DX TR-1200 with my XP-G dropin works with:



3x18650 or 4xAA!! (long)

The Manafont TR-1200 differs from DX TR-1200.

It have not big extension tube for 3x186500 and have not stort mode! It have small extention tube, but the screw on tailcap(trapezoidal) differs from screw on TR-1200 body.

So you can screw tailcap only on body with extention tube(have same trapezoidal screw) and can not directly on body without extention tube.

Why do extention tube if it can not be removed???

In addition my Manafont TR-1200 body arrived without O-rings except big O-ring between body and glass!!!

A bit strange that it came without orings. About the extension it looks a bit absurd to me either. On the other hand relying on chinese manufacturers to be compatible through time is like having a pee in the wind blowing direction. I have several solarfarce l2 bodies that you can easily get frustraded seeking tiny differences (same supplier, often same date ordered).

ty for the advice

I have the tr1200 5 led reflector

now I want buy a body compatible with the 5 led reflector. I want use the flashlight only with 1x18650 (all leds in paralel)

maybe the lightake one are the same...

.... dont know

If you plan to use TR-1200 body you must know that short body is too long for 1x18650. You could not use this body with single 18650 without 16340 sized additional spacer.