Balder SE-1 from CNQG

Would you say this light with an XM-L is as good a light as the Xeno E03? I see them as direct competitors. If they are close then the SE-1 XM-L at $23 is a downright bargain when you think of it that way.

I can't say because I don't own an E03, however, I pledged my order of 5 in the Group Buy thread. Also, my XM-L SE-1 is still in transit but should hopefully arrive this week. The fact that it has a MUCH more usable low on lithium should make it an all around better deal, especially at that price.

Yeah, the square, anodized threading on the Xeno is obviously better than the Balder’s quality but the greater mass of the SE-1 and equal exterior machining should balance things out. Just struck me odd that I haven’t seen a shootout between the two lights yet since they seem aimed at the exact same market target.

The SE-1 is only 40G

The E03 is 48G

Really?? Wow! The Balder just looks so much beefier.

I thought exactly the same.

It's quite compact yet not small like the CQG stuff. It actually feels good in the hand with that cut out design. The two middle fingers kind of mold to it.

Hey the Tank007 E09 is 55g and that takes aaa battery.

Too bad the SE-1 does not have holes for putting a lanyard. I need to tie it to my keychain.

Why don't you go for a AAA/10440 light this is a big light for a key chain.

I was using the TK-703 AAA previously but found it to not pack enough punch. Actually the UF-2100 is my keychain light now.

Go for the new Tank007 E09 that can take 10440 batteries and is small.