Balder SE-1 from CNQG

No info yet and will be in stock Oct 11. Looks decent but why XP-E?

wow! I need the specifications.... For me, better xpe LED than xpg LED

Any idea about the lenght, witdh, modes, battery support, etc...?

It says there, AA/14500. They already have one AA light... so I don't know.....

Martin at Balder just contacted me about doing a review on this one. Hopefully, a review sample will be coming shortly. Obviously, this one will be priced a bit cheaper than thier other AA offering. Martin also shared with me the preliminary specs:

1. Dimension: Head diameter 24mm, Tail diameter 24mm, length 102mm

2. Cree XPE R3 LED

3. Lumen and runtime:

Single AA:

Maximum output of 120 lumens for 1.2 hours
Minimum output of 3 lumens for 50 hours

4. Material: Aircraft Aluminum Alloy T6061

5. Weight: 40g (without battery)

6. Water proof to IPX-8 standard

7. Battery: single 14500 or AA

8. Accessories: O-rings, user’s manual, tail cap, holster (optional accessories)

other info he gave me:

2. Strong metal clip.

3. Compact size and light weight, suitable for EDC (every day carry)

4. Mil-Spec Type III Hard Anodized finish.

5. Made from Aluminum alloy, really strong.

6. Water proof to IPX-8 standard.

7. Fully-regulated circuit, Broad input voltage (1.0V - 4.2V) and battery compatibility (i.e. alkaline, NiMH, 14500)

8. Precision Aluminum reflector (Orange Peel)

9. Simple operation. High-Medium-Low. No SOS and strobe modes

10. Tactical switch for momentary on.

11. Prominent runtime

12. Anti-reverse protection.

13. Candle mode

Full specs on their site folks.

Does it have a Low battery warning at 3.8 to 3.6v?


ONLY USD19.99 shipped with registered air mail from CNQG.

At this price, this is a must have.

Which version do you recommend (xpe,xpg or xml) ?

The emitter choice depends on what you want really. XP-E for throw...XP-G for a more in between mix of flood/throw...and XM-L for the most overall light but the least throw. The difference lies in the emitter dies, and the driving amps for each emitter.

Thanks, I knew, but maybe there are some special experience with the emitters in this light. However, i ordered the xm-l version :)

XM-L might not be a bad choice because of how hard the emitter is being driven. It appears the XP-E is being driven much harder than it should be and will suffer a shorter lifespan. With that said, I purchased an XP-E, which I already have, and I have an XM-L on the way.

No doubt the XM-L isn't a bad choice.. after all it does put out the most lumens. However, as far as reduced life spans... even over driving the Xp-E I'd be happy with 5,000 hours which is what... 5% of the rated lifespan? I mean even if I used it on high for 10 minutes a day I'd get 30,000 days or a little over 82 years of even using it 30 min a day would yield like 27 years which by then I'm sure there would be something else I'd be using... Not trying to be a smartalek but just putting it in perspective... YMMV

The emitters in todays lights will be obsolete before they burn out .

That's basically what I was getting at... for a flashaholic... a short lifespan isn't really an issue... even for non flash-heads... a 1,000 lifetime would present a huge step forward from incans...much less 50-100K lifespans.

Tell that to my ultrafire

Okay, honestly I have no idea how long these emitters truly will last so that's why I gave the answer. It was the only reason I could give because each emitter has its own strengths vs the other.

PWM keeps me from this light ...Just like the ITP's ..Forgive me but i won't get excited about a hip new happining car company that takes a interesting looking car and then puts a lame transmission in it ... ..Should I buy a new driver and replace theirs because they're to dumb to make it right in the first place ???I've had the same issues with ITP ... People say how great they are .Bad pwm makes a light 100% unusable to me ..

I want one ....when they get their act together . ...


Are you talking about the ITP A1,A2,A3,A4? They raised the PWM on the XP-G versions to undetectable levels.

The SE-1 is really quite reasonable for the average user and I don't think PWM is going to be a concern at this price level. I'm not aware of the costs associated with building a flashlight without PWM vs using it, but if using it means they can keep the price $20 then I think they still have a fantastic light for most of the population. The build quality is superb at this price and designs are original. Honestly, I don't think most people detect the PWM, let alone know what it even means. The average user is probably going to be using high mode 95% of the time anyway. We have to remember these flashlight companies aren't just building lights for us flashaholics. We just happen to be their best customers