Bamboo Kubotan £1 Light Mod

I bought this bamboo shaped light for a pound as I thought maybe it had some modding potential and I liked the shape of it. It comes in different colours but I wasn’t diggin any of them (no black ) :wink:

The shell is not too bad but the internals are total garbage, I mean really bad so after a rummage through the parts box I found an old brass pill from a Thrunite T20, a nanjg 8 x 7135 driver, an XM-L T6 4C emitter, a 14mm copper T-Pad, aluminium reflector, an ARC 2mm thick glass round and other bits n pieces to make it respectable.

I used oven cleaner to strip it, took less than five minutes then I sanded the pill and reflector into shape and fixed in place. there is a rim that the old spring sits on and there was just enough room to fit them in.
The glass sits in a groove I cut out and I rebuilt the switch.

The light accepts 14500 cells, is two modes and puts out 700lm/ 70lm.




Thanks for havin’ a look.

Nice work.


That is an awesome job with great pics.

I’d buy one of those from you, but I think that I almost like the red better than the clear, but I’d get both!


Very nice work! :+1:

Nice work! I actually find it very rewarding to respectatize a not-so-respectable piece. Did I miss something, though? How are you making the front o-ring illuminated?

It’s not an o-ring, it is clear devcon epoxy mixed with some glow powder, around the switch is glow powder mixed with silicone.

:+1: Fantastic mods!

Wow, very nice!

very nice!

1. I love the end result, much better looking than any of their color options
2. I don’t think I could mod anything this small, too much like building a ship in a bottle
3. Do you think this thing would make a good “muggle light” unmodded but maybe sanded down to bare metal only (nothing changed internally)?

This is a huge host for me to mod :laughing:

The light really is not worth buying, even for a dollar unless you do something with it.
It would require a driver and LED at the very least but then you would need a pill as the stock one is plastic.
The stock output is like 10lm of angry blue light although it is quite well focused by the plastic reflector :slight_smile:

Too bad, it’s an interesting shape at least, thanks for the honest answer.

….angry blue light……

haha - love it.

gorgeous mod mate.


Yeah honestly, if it had been brighter I would have been scared of it :laughing:

Nice work! I love how I can read one of your posts and know it’s you by your work without ever even seeing your name in the corner.

Very nice CRX! The oven cleaner picture looks like the flashlight turned into marshmallows. From 10 lumens to 700, very impressive. I’m also impressed that you have a parts box that had all the pieces you needed to make this flashlight.

great your mods are always great thanks for sharing

how did you fit the nangj driver in there /?

Don’t give him ideas. Now we’re gonna see a 1200 lumen marshmallow with carbon fiber and GitD next week.

I had to ream the edge of the pill to fit the 7135’s in as the pill and driver are the same outer diameter then I potted and soldered the driver ground ring to the pill, not too easy.

Hmm, the marshmallow mod… :smiley: