banggood code expired

the banggood code shown in the headlamp ad here no longer works. says its expired.

Try using the code BLF
I think it’s 8% discount on flashlights and accessories.

you’d think so but I clicked that ad cause I was thinking about headlamps and went over there and loaded up one and it said BLF wouldnt work for that category of item.

Did you try to order from a non CN warehouse (if that’s possible)? Most codes only work when shipped from China.

I used china, was cheaper.

I tried it with another headlamp, no discount on it, china warehouse and I get the same result.

Try to lock in with your Banggood account.

Are you in the US Scott?


lock in?

Log in

oh yeah, I did that too.

which headlamp are you looking for?

maybe there is a code on my list working for you?

I very vaguely remember the story where sometimes an account is suddenly seen as a dropship account, and therefore not eligible for coupons anymore. Perhaps make a dummy account to test? Also can you give us a link to one of the lamps you tested, curious to see if you’re the only one.

if someone else wants to try it that would be just fine. I’m moving along but I thought I’d let you all know.

It’s probably because they have headlamps in the bicycle accessories category.

The “bgh” code is expired for me also. Banggood needs to renew the code or remove the ad.

Neal says he will change the banner asap :slight_smile: