Banggood - eleven days (yes 11!) from order to arrival. Zero problems. Less than 9 days shipping time

Just wanted to post my experience with Banggood. I ordered a Jetbeam M1X (with a coupon) for 214.00 including tracking and ‘expedited shipping’ on June 7th. Light artived today in California package intact and product undamaged. I read ‘expedited’ is the recommended way to ship with them and I agree.

EDIT: I guess that’s 11 days boy I been workin too much but hopefully you guys get my point lol


New account with few post… convincing fast shipping from Banggood during covid?

Seems too fishy :smiley:

When I first joined BLF, I made a couple of posts with links to focalprice or one of their websites.

Someone thought I was a spammer, and it hurt my feelings a little.

I did get over it pretty quickly, however.


I don't think kolchak is a spammer.

Oh I didn’t stop to think this could look like spam lol

I was frankly surprised myself after hearing all the stories. This was my first purchase from Banggood. After it was scanned in Cincinnati it made it to my house in California in, like, 12 hours. DHL. I read about choosing the ’expedited delivery’option I believe on Couponsfromchina.

(I guess shill is more accurate than spammer.)

I'm glad you had a great experience with Banggood.

I've mostly had good experiences with them.


I never do expedited shipping from China.

I'm super cheap, and don't mind waiting six weeks.

If I want something quickly, I'll order it from the U.S., but different strokes for different folks.

(And maybe this item isn't available in the U.S. for cheap.)

I’m at a month and a half into the wait for 3 orders from aliexpress. Lesson learned.
Usually much quicker with BG and GB. Quicker in this case means about a month, which is reasonable. Cheap or fast, usually only one or the other unless illumn is having a sale.

I saved 61.00 off with a coupon and no, it isn’t available directly from a distributor in the US. So the 13.00 expedited shipping didn’t seem like that big a deal for a 190.00 item. I get it, though. I wouldn’t use it for battery cases - expensive shipping does kinda defeat the discount aspect of using Aliexpress or Banggood in the first place.

i think this would be a new record, never heard anything like this before.

The journey - Bahrain, London, Ontario (Toronto?), Cincinnati and LA

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When did flight time from Heathrow to Ontario (guessing Pearson International Airport in Toronto plus landing and then departing become only 2 and 3/4 hours???
Distance between the 2 airports is 5723 kilometers.
Last time I checked cargo planes don’t cruise at mach 1.67 but what do I know?

Lol, i don’t think every ounce of tracking data is 100% accurate…

For reference i upgraded to ‘priorty us shipping’ for my ft03 for <$2 and it came in 2 weeks to NY

Trying again for the EC03, a couple bucks is worth getting it a couple weeks sooner for me.

I think you’re forgetting the time zone change - 5 hours. So its really 7.75 hrs.

You know, time zone change as flight headed east never entered my mind.

A quick check at the Air Canada website tells me their flight AC857 that left Heathrow 5 hours earlier bound for Toronto took the same time to travel as the flight your package was on.

I know what you mean. I get confused by what time zone the forums I read are in.

BTW the LEP light is crazy. I especially notice the difference in that 500m range compared to say a K1 - M1X still has a blazing bright hot spot from there.

From the start of this addiction I fill out a spreadsheet with “what, where, when and how much”.
What matters for me is the time between ordering (ping of PayPal) and arrival (ding-dong of doorbell).

Absolute winner is: Newegg from US in 3.5 days
Good runner up is: Mountain from US in 5 days
And from China (to name a few)
Sofirn: 8-30 days
Banggood: 8-62 days
Gearbest: 9-124 days
Hors Competition is the 11/11 GAW from Gearbest that seems to be postponed indefinitely

So 11 days is not impossible, I’ve seen better and worse.
But given the times we live in today, better is part of the past.