Banggood Flashlights Chinese National Day Promotion and Giveaway (Winner announced)

Hello everyone, today is Chinese National Day,so we make a promotion and giveaway for BLF members.

Thanks for your support these years.

Winner announced,


2.NITECORE CI6: fran82

3.OLIGHT I3S: Rolz

Part 1. Promotion

Three days Promotion for BLF

1. Coupon:c65c73 12% off for flashlights, lasers and e-cigs,

2. Coupon:45011a 25% OFF COUPON:45011a

.Meco AA and SK68 , MANKER Rambler ,.Lumintop Tool AAA ,.Fenix PD35 TAC ,.JETBeam Jet-III M

4. SHadow JM35, COUPON:838878 19% OFF by Rolz

NITECORE D2, COUPON:cc6b22 $16.1 by phosphor

Part 2.Giveaway.

1.Olight S1 BATON CREE XM-L2 500LM Mini EDC LED Flashlight

2.Nitecore CI6 CREE XP-G2 440LM Chameleon Series Tactical LED Flashlight

3.Olight I3s CREE XP-G2 80 lumens Mini Keychain LED Flashlight


1.Registered before 1.10.2015 can post what you want add in the promotion list or just post"i take it anyway"

3.end in the 12:00 Oct.3 ,Beijing time Timezone

4.choose by

Free PM to give me suggestions

Happy Chinese National Day.

i take it anyway

i take it anyway

I would like to see the Nitecore D2 charger added to the promotional list.

Thank you for the opportunity to enter your contest.

1.25% and 2.35%? Are you kidding?


I'll take it anyway!

Happy National Day!

I take it anyway. :)

Happy Chinese national day!

I take it anyway

Hehehe :wink:

Thanks for the promotion. Happy Chinese National Day.

I’d like the Shadow JM35 included.

I take it anyway.

i take it anyway

Happy National Day!

Happy National Day holiday.

I take it anyway

i take it anyway
Thanks for the chance! :party:

I take it anyway! Thanks!

Banggood, have a happy Chinese National Day and I’ll take it anyway. :slight_smile:

Hush! Don’t need to be tipping off the map police. :wink:

i take it anyway!

Yes, I thought it was 1.25% at first too…


I take it anyway

Happy National Day!

that’s why i need some zzzz lol

Happy National Day holiday.

I take it anyway