Banggood - I'm done with them

After reading the mixed experiences about them, I took my chances to try them out.

First I bought Nitecore LA10 CRI 85 lumens. That went well so I bought Nitecore MT10A and that didn’t go well.

I bought Nitecore MT10A on Dec 1, 2017. I received the flashlight with the wrong clip, it’s way too long and touches the head. It will make scratches for sure when I’m turning the head. So I contacted Banggood CS and explained them I want the short clip.

It wasn’t that easy process, they keep trying offering me 150 Banggood points (equivalent of $1.50) as solution. After I don’t know how many mails, I lost count, I refused their offering and keep persisting on the short clip. Finally they said they will send the short clip but there is only one problem, their supplier doesn’t have it in stock and ask if I could wait.

So I waited and every two weeks or so I sent a mail to ask about the progress. Finally after two months or so, they finally sent the replacement. So last week I received the package and guess what? I received the same wrong clip.

I contacted CS and yes you guess it, I have to go through the whole process again of explaining, sending pictures etc and yes they tried to offer me 150 Banggood points again and again. So after so many emails they said they will look into this.

A week later they said their supplier told them this clip is the new reformed style and unfortunately the pictures on the Nitecore website and their own website haven’t been updated yet. In other words, they will not send the short clip but they did offer me 150 Banggood points though.

No matter what I said, explaining like it’s not my fault the picture hasn’t been updated, I want the product I paid for, as how they advertise them but every time I just got exact the same answer: sorry for the trouble, will you accept 150 Banggood points?

So okay, I’m done with them. Sent a mail asking them to delete my account and suddenly I got an email from someone else asking what seems to be the problem. So I went the trouble to give detailed explanation with pictures, invoice and all and yes I got a reply ’sorry for the trouble, will you accept 150 Banggood points?

That’s it, no more Banggood for me.

See pictures below.

This is how it should be, short clip and it doesn’t touch the head:

This is what I received:

The replacement they sent after 3 months and it is the wrong clip again:

That looks like Nitecore MT10A knockoff, not original flashlight.

Banggood sells fake ones? I gotta say, I don’t believe Nitecore would send out MT10A with the wrong clip off factory and the package I received from Banggood it doesn’t really look like brand new. I suspected it is a returned good and that person who returned it put the wrong clip in it, intended or not.

The flashlight works though so I leave it like that, just asked for the right clip.

Look and compare to yours mt10a

Model name and icons arrangement is somewhat like EC23. I wonder since when they have changed it?

It does look suspicious, the ano looks different and the engraving/lettering looks off as well.
Have you checked the driver board?


If you still have the original packaging , look at it very closely for misspellings, unusual phrases. uneven printing. try to compare the package to a known Nitecore package if you can locate one. There should be instructions and maybe a warranty card included

Nitecore does a pretty good job with packaging.

If your light arrived in a plain (white ) box than for sure its a knock off .

@ sp5it: when I looked at the video I notice something. On my flashlight there is only written MT10A on the side compared to the one the video shows. So I googled MT10A images and I can’t find anything that looks like mine, all images I found have more text and that bin symbol.

All images of MT10A on the net has this on the side:

Mine has only this:

@Nicolaas: no, I don’t have any technical knowledge but I will compare it later as I’ve got to get ready to attend easter dinner.

@Paul321: I will compare it with my Nitecore EC21 packaging later on, gotta get ready for easter dinner soon.

I know it looks different, that’s why I suggested it is knockoff.
Post a picture of driver board.

Oh man , I had 3 pieces of this light in my hand , before I gifted them , and NONE was looking like yours !

The color is like it was baked in a oven , the knurling looks like a fade one , the printing is fake...,sorry to say , but "spi5it" seems to be right , it's a fake !!!

It could have been a batch with different printing. The charger of my TM26GT was slightly different than what all the pictures on the internet showed. I contacted Nitecore, and they verified my light was authentic. So I’d contact Nitecore if I were you to find out whether it’s authentic or not.

I have to agree, that isn’t a true Nitecore light…. this company makes an excellent product and the chance you’d get a clip that didn’t fit, new in box, is just like totally nil. And that light itself, yes, fake. Nitecore is a class act, that light is not.

Banggood may have taken a return and got scammed, may be completely unaware of it and think it is YOU trying to scam them. I honestly don’t believe Banggood would send that out as a real Nitecore intentionally.

Also pretty positive Nitecore uses Type III Hardcoat Anodization, if you bake it you won’t get bronze but an olive drab green sort of color. The bronze when baked is typically from Type II. And yes, that light does look baked…

I have to agree too, that is definitely not a Nitecore product you received. No way.

Link to Nitecore’s Contact form: (link is external)

Ask them to look at this topic and comment to BG.

Still can’t believe, that BG intentionally sells fake Nitecore flashlights. But checking the different knurling and not that fine machining, I’m in doubts now…

I took a look at what I’m thinking is the Nitecore site and there is one picture in the MT10A section that has a longer clip like yours. It’s the one where the flashlight is sitting on a rock. That flashlight has different lettering than yours. Maybe Nitecore recently switched manufacturers? Back when they were having problems with counterfeit chargers they had a site where you could enter the serial number (or was it the number in the hologram on the outside of the package?) and it would tell you if the charger was legit.

Okay I’m in a rush now, really have to go to attend the dinner party but I can’t wait about this so I took quick picture of the driver.

I can’t really tell the differences but the printlane (is that how it’s called?) on mine is bit vague. What do you guys think?

I found this picture from


I think if they’re going to all the trouble to make a fake driver board that matches so well, then it’s probably a pretty good fake overall! :smiley:

It doesn’t look exactly the same, but it is very close? Look at the machining marks around the nudge in the ring, even they match up?

It’s Sysmax I don’t trust. I bought a factory sealed D2 charger with the authenticity sticker that checked out correct. Inside the box was a plastic battery case that said “Xtar” on it. I think these companies who do machining, driver boards, packaging, etc… are intermingled quite a bit. Probably not hard to buy a few hundred nitecore driver boards from the electronics company who made them. Especially if Nitecore didn’t claim all that were made, and the company wanted to dump them.

I’d bet the hosts were Nitecore rejects, and someone assembled them to dump off on the gray market. Who better to dump them off to than Banggood, Gearbest, & Fastech. Nitecore doesn’t recognize BG, GB, or FT as authorized sellers anyway, and will not warrant if purchased from those sellers.