Banggood order kept being returned by failing customs security check

I placed a Banggood China order back in mid November, the tracking showed shipped fairly quickly but no tracking number, shipping method used was USA Priority Mail. After no updates for 4 weeks, I contacted them, and was told that the order was “returned due to the failure of security check when passing the customs office.” Banggood offered a full refund, and I got it within a couple of days.

I placed another order a few days ago, and the order was shipping again USA Priority Mail, just got an email with the same message “order was returned due to the failure of security check when passing the customs office.” This time, I’m asking Banggood if they can reship using a different method.

Have anyone experienced similar issues? My order just includes some popular flashlights, and fail to see why it would trigger a security check at the customs office. In your experience, will shipping using a different method work better?


I also live in San Francisco and have never had a customs check failure with probably 20 shipments from China this year and 5 in the in the last 2 months alone.

Good to know. It appeared both of these shipment were using the USPS priority mail with no tracking number. I asked Banggood to try to ship with regular air register, and hopefully that works better.

Couple of questions for you.

  1. Were the shipments you received shipped with USPS priority mail with no tracking info?
  2. Were any of the orders recent?

I’m just a bit frustrated with the multiple customs security check failures and trying to find a solution.


4 of the 5 in the last 2 months were all USPS priority with tracking info and got to me in a reasonable time after making it to the US.

My last order is being delivered by DHL and made it into LAX 12/19 but that’s all the tracking number shows me to date.

was it batteries included? could be the reason… I never buy batteries from banggood… there are better sources then from them… but if a flashlight no battery fails security then that is weird then.

I had the same problem last month. I ordered a light with battery. Failed customs. Ordered it again without the battery and it was a success

That’s interesting, neither of my USPS priority packages included tracking. Maybe that’s the difference. I did some more research, and it seemed shipping using EMS arrives faster than China Post, may try that next time, though it’s significantly more expensive than USA priority or air post.

Thank you for the info on the battery, noted for the future. Neither of my orders that failed customs included battery, just flashlights and chargers. Maybe the it’s the chargers that caused the issue.

I’m still waiting on a package that was diverted to US Customs, apparently, and died there, three or four months ago.
It ended up at an undisclosed address in Brawley, CA, which Google tells me is the location of one of those customs roach hotels.
Nothing suspicious, it’s just a screen cover for an ebook reader.
The sender can only say “tracking shows it as delivered”
Sigh. Just not delivered to me.

Yikes, hopefully you receive you package soon.

I ordered two FT03’s from banggood 2 MONTHS AGO with a good coupon price (I think from Freeme)
and only received one of the lights last month (the light without a battery)

been checking the mailbox every day for a month for the blue FT03 with xph50.2 + battery to arrive

order page showed that it was shipped over 1 month ago but there was never a tracking number issued
but now have the “returned due to the failure of security check” excuse with a paypal refund

– not happy , have been anxiously waiting to get this light = a big let down

I’ve pondered if any shipping brokers would actually give correct info about a lost / damaged package?
Airplanes do occasionally crash (don’t think they would publicly disclose that), packages are ripped open and contents spilled / damaged (doubt anyone would re-package), and then re-diverted due to some unknown address but never corrected (thinking lost bagages).

So, maybe a “failure due to security…” is a catch-all for something that went wrong. If the merchant reimburses without hassle, the deception is still felt.

dont buy lights with battery, buy the battery local instead and the light wont get rejected due to strict US customs on batteries it seems…

I just had a package returned to Banggood due to security failure to pass custom’s, or something like that. I had no tracking on it. It was same time frame, ordered Mid November. It was an astrolux EC01, no battery. I had an astrolux FT03 with battery make it through to me before. I’m really getting frustrated with the chinese sites and shipping. I know Fireflies has a usa warehouse base from there website, and Sofirn is on Amazon. I’m probably going to give there flashlights priority if they will do what I want. I like the convoy, and Astrolux, brands as they are a good value for the money, but the retailers and shippers are driving me nuts.

Banggood should have contacted me when it failed custom’s, and not wait for me to contact them.

I wanted the astrolux EC01, seemed like a good deal for the money, but a fireflies E07, or E01, or Sofirn C8f will work fine too. I just want a nice side switch light with good ramping and a little floodier than the convoy C8+, but similar size.

When there is no tracking they will always say “security failure to pass custom’s, returned by postal, etc.”
A lot of times it really means they took more orders than they could handle or procure.
Did the same to me a few weeks back and were more than willing to refund which tells you the truth right there.
Next shipment showed tracking that the first order should have and it is now in country, so all is well but still frustrating that we have to contact them for the lack of shipping progress, comes with the China sales territory.


I just received an email from Banggood claiming one of my recent orders (for 3 flashlights, no batteries) “failed security check when passing the customs office.” IMHO, this is a bogus excuse. There was no tracking information and there hadn’t been enough time for a package to reach the USA and “fail a security check” with U.S. Customs.

I don’t know if Banggood just didn’t want to honor the discount prices on those lights, was out of stock after claiming they were in stock or some other reason. But I don’t believe that “failed security check” twaddle.

unless usa has more strict customs now when it comes to stuff from china, maybe thats the reason or ? if a light gets rejected for whatever reason and there is no battery then i cant explain that really… a light with no battery inside is no threat really…

What I think could have happened is they had more orders than lights, so they cancelled the orders with the better sale price, and used them to fill orders with a higher sale price to make more money. I don’t trust the chinese retailers.

Who is (allegedly) rejecting the shipments: US Customs or Chinese Customs? I believe exports from China have to be cleared by Chinese Customs - at least a few of my tracked shipments passed through Chinese Customs before being forwarded to my country and local Customs.

Finally got one of my mid Nov orders, just a Miboxer C8 charger that took about 6 weeks to get to the US. I believe Banggood mentioned it was the Chinese customs that was performing the security check where my other order failed (USPS priority shipping). I’m leery now of any order without a tracking number. With tracking number, you can use or even for tracking.

I asked Banggood about shipping using EMS or ePacket. They don’t offer ePacket, and charges a ridiculously high price for EMS (select EMS for each of the items in your cart to see the cost)

Best of luck for those have outstanding orders.