BangGood - remember your cashback!

Having just been reading a thread all about the virtues and pitfalls of Affiliate-links, I thought I’d post information on alternatives: Cashback sites…

I use Quidco as my primary UK-based ‘cash-back’ website. There are others such as TopCashBack, but I tend to stick with Quidco.

For those who don’t know how this works, you simply search for companies/sellers using the Quidco search feature before you make a purchase.
They provide details about the cashback deals, reviews, success-rates, discount codes, t&c’s, rules, etc.
You click the seller’s link which redirects you to the proper, genuine site - same as if you’d gone there direct.
Except the ‘click-through’ is logged, a cookie or URL token is generated and your purchases will be reconciled back to Quidco for renumeration after a couple of hours.
Think of it as a massive Affiliate-link site directory, where they actually pass you a cut of the affiliate profit.

Anyway, back to the point; A while ago I found is a partner which provides 4.5% cashback on all purchases:

They do state: “Cashback only eligible on Quidco advertised vouchers” and “Members should only use voucher codes listed on Quidco. If you use voucher codes or gift vouchers that are not listed on Quidco your cashback may not track or be declined.
However, I can confirm that I frequently click-through whilst still using codes found here at BLF at the checkout. The purchases still track correctly and they do usually honour the cashback. Worst case, the cashback is declined, but you still used the original code as you would have previously. There is litterally nothing to lose and everything to gain. (Well 4.5% of everything anyway!)

If you don’t have a coupon, sometimes Quidco provide their own valid options to use in addition to the cashback. Currently BangGood offer 5% off full priced items or 15% off new arrivals. Quite limited options compared to what we are spoiled with here on BLF, but worth looking at if nothing else is available. These operate together with, or independently of, the cashback deals.

Ali Express is also listed there with 2% - as I’m sure are many other Chinese budget sites.
Please share below if you find any others, or know of similar offerings from your own geographic location.

All the best and keep shining,