Banggood - stuff you'd like to see discounts for?

So I was speaking with Banggood and mentioned how gearbest often posts on the board with deals and they seem quite open to giving us various codes to help save us some cash and I jokingly suggested that I’d throw together a list of cells, chargers and flashlights if they gave me some codes.

Shockingly they said it sounded like a good idea. I’ve got myself a list in my head of lights and chargers but it seems they really don’t have the same selection of cells as gearbest or some of the other sellers.

It seems like it’s just the Panasonic 3400’s and the 30Q’s that are well priced on their site. They don’t have any of the Sony cells nor do they seem to have the sanyo cells in stock.

Currently all I can see that is work asking for are these:
4PCS-NCR18650B-3_7V-3400mAh Protected
4PCS-NCR18650B-3_7V-3400mAh Unprotected
2PCS 30Q button
2PCS 30Q flat
4PCS 30Q button
4PCS 30Q flat

I dont want to be greedy and just ask for codes that would help me. Is there anything you would like to see discounts for?

As a note, I’m not looking to get codes on other sites. I’ve done group buys in the past and I’ve fallen out with a few other shops so I wont go asking for codes elsewhere but if Banggood are willing to give us some codes I thought I’d try my luck with a few requested items.

Courtesy bump…
I like the thought…tried to come up with something but I can’t at the moment. I’ve got a trivial “want” of an inexpensive 18350 light or two simply because I have a couple of those cells just sitting around….but Astrolux E02 doesn’t have LVP to my knowledge, Astrolux S1 shorty and S41 are more than I want to spend for something just because I have cells to use. :slight_smile:

Those are really good selections chrisc.

I’ve told banggood that they need a bigger selection of cells.

I have had issues with gearbest and I’d rather never buy from them again but recently I’ve had to buy my cells from them due to the limited range that banggood sell.

Maybe with a bit of pressure they’ll start to stock a wider range and offer us some great prices.

30Qs are great cells but some like to mix it up with VTC6s or GAs

Yeah I think you already have a good list to start.