Bangood sale

such as BLF Q8 $39.99

don’t bother with this ‘sale’. yet another case of banggood putting items they don’t have in stock on sale. i ordered one on 10/31 and inquired today asking why it hasn’t shipped and was informed it was out of stock with an expected restock date of 11/10 (yesterday).

Second that. Ordered one Q8 for the current sale price on 10/15. Still Processing…….

I completely quit purchasing anything from Banggood or Gearbest two years ago. Had enough of their bs.

they get ton of orders this time of year so products quickly become out of stock… then it takes a while before they get back some in stock…

But most online retailers keep track of inventory and decrease the number in stock whenever one is purchased. That way when they sell out, they can remove the option to buy the product. It’s not that difficult of an implementation into a program…

Totally agree, until you fall for the low price with a coupon.
Everything is fine when it arrives, but when items malfunction or do not show up at all, total drama.

Gearbest currently does not list many lights, and their prices are sky high.

I love when they take my money for things they don’t have!

It’s not quite as easy when you consider how large retailers such as Bangood are, and that several customers can have the same item in their cart at the same time, but due to many customers who never complete the payment process the system can’t automatically be deducted from the inventory before the payment is complete - a bit like with airlines who overbook flights because of the high percentage of no-show customers. Also, the payment process goes through several stages, including one where the customer gets passed on to third-party sites like Paypal, stock is constantly moving around in the warehouse, items get temporarily or permanently misplaced, human error can cause discrepancies between actual and shown stock at various stages of the process, and so on. On our end, it just looks like a quick and easy process that’s completed in a minute or so, but behind the scenes there are a huge amount of factors to be considered.

Usually there’s a coupon at the same price or cheaper