BANNET - Anyone heard of this outfit before? Is there a Rook that takes a single 26650?

I was looking through AliExpress and I came upon a gold (what I thought was a Rook), for $30 and I went to the page and see that it is made for a single 26650/18650. I know it's a clone, but I didn't know if anyone has one or is interested, so here's the link.

The seller has several clones under the BANNET name.

strange, it looks like a SRK but with one emmiter and sized for a 26650?

Someone bite the gold bullet!

these have popped up on ebay, I think I’m watching one, I can dig out a link later if anyone wants?

Yeah, do…

Edit: found some. All priced higher than Alibaba. Oh well.

Tell the old bugger being me that there is no dimensions listed for the first linked light. Does the ebay one have dimensions listed? Looks like a nice find OL.

I think it's a remake of the Rook. If I was a Li-ion guy, I would get one and see.

Lend me the money until next week and l’ll take one for the forum and check it out.
Apart from the switch position it must be a similar size to the Sky Eye.

A Rook clone on 26650! Interesting little light if 26650 compatibility is confirmed. Size looks similar to a Cyclone C88, maybe shorter. I've not so many lights that accept 26650, this could be a handy one...

By the way, looking at the second link black SRK clone, did you notice the pics of the driver bottom plate? judging from the holes array it could be a third version different driver: the first OEM driver with toroids had the three larger holes in a row in the center round element, the second less desiderable DD driver had 4 groups of 4 holes equally spaced in the outer corona element, now this one appears to have 4 small holes in a square in the center element, and soo many holes in the outer corona?!?

Any idea?

If you got one of these, then you could be a li-ion guy . . . :slight_smile:

I thought these popped up in threads before. I want to say Lightmalls had it. It seems nice, but $30 is too high. Should be around $20 to $23.


Wait - here ya go at Lightmalls. Posted here by DrJ.


I thought it had to be some kind of SkyRay or FandyFire, but I did not know they made a single 26650 light. I’m surprised it never got any attention.

YoudaMan Garry

I think it didn't get much attention due to the high price! At least that the S4 was $10 cheaper, but I guess people didn't want to spend $31 back then either. I like my SkyEye F13 much better for $21.60 (and I think there are versions under $19 that have been spotted). Of course I'm considering all of these as mod hosts assuming the stock drivers & emitters need changed out. If that S4 had a decent driver and the emitter was acceptable it would be worth the $10 more.


Have you seen this?-->

Uhm, it's completely different... Doesn't look like has anything in common with that...

Um... yeah? I know... (also, like, could you be more sarcastic, please? I have a medical condition that requires extreme levels of sarcasm before it starts to have the desired effect)

It was just another driver for the SRK, I thought it might be interesting. I apologize if I've forced you to click a link and see something you didn't like! Maybe next time I will post a link that sends you to instead.....

I forgot to read this thread.

Sorry Comfychair but I did not want to hurt anybody with a little bit of sarcasm...

Wasn't meant to be rude.

I had never seen that driver before.

Comfy, that SRK driver looks weak. I count five 7135 chips per LED. I do hope those do not end up in SRK’s soon. I’d take the 7136 based linear driver we have now over that POS. :Sp
I suppose if you need a contact board… :smiley:

No worries, it didn't leave any permanent scarring :)

But... 6 pads per LED, double stack 'em, that's 36 total, ~4.5A per/13.5A total... :evil: