Barbecue at the lake

My friend Jason and I are having a huge barbecue at the lake on May 13th.

All BLF members are invited!

Be sure to bring a swimsuit... The water's fine!

Alright! This will be my first “hockey-themed barbecue for flashlight enthusiasts”. I’m excited! :partying_face:

I am in!

Is Pamela doing the cooking?

We expect the turnout to be pretty big, so cooking duty will be split between Jason, Pamela, and myself.

If Halo... can bring his friend Freddy, he'll also help.

I thought Freddy was trying to avoid fire after the ‘accident’. :smiling_imp:

Freddy is looking forward to it! :smiling_imp:

Me, on the other hand, I’m not so sure about joining this little get together.

Though I must admit, BBQ can lure me almost anywhere. :cry: Tempting. Very tempting

Sounds like it’s going to be a killer BBBQ. I’ll detour past Ruggsville for some tasty fried chicken, it’s just tastes so damn good.

Hmm let me check last minute discounts for tickets and car rentals
Oh lol I’ll pass, but have fun! :wink:

Happy friday :slight_smile:

Lots of things supposedly taste like chicken. Who’s cooking the fried green tomatoes?

ok, i will attend in my Abrams-M1 locked from the INSIDE and will stay in my armed tank Thank you. :smiling_imp:

The tank might help keep Jason and his mum out, but don’t fall asleep in there!

Sorry I couldn’t make it today. I couldn’t get off work. Hope you guys had fun!

Was that extra B a typo?

It's from The Simpsons...

You tell me!

Then you should know if it is :smiley:

When I was a teenager I visited the real Camp Crystal Lake. I was in Hardwick township, NJ and the camp was in Blairstown.
But it’s the filming location for the first movie only, where there is no Jason with hockey mask.

Hey, I’m staying at the Packanack Lodge, just down the road. This place is kinda spooky.

I think I will walk down to Camp Crystal to see if there is anyone left.