Bargan Flashlight set @ DD ?

The BLF members have found and posted some real bargans from different sellers. I've purchased a few and have been pleased with bargan lights I've received.

Is this flashlight worth having? Or better yet giving as a gift? I got six of the r-2 502b flashlight sets for about $6 before and everyone I gave them to loved them. This set has a forward switch and uses a 18650 battery, but the emmiter is not listed.

Anybody know about this light? Worth having? Thanks

I personally wouldn't go near a kit like that.

It includes a 18650, AC adapter, DC adapter & charges it in the host... for $7?

I wouldn't even trust an Li-ion charger that cost $7 on its own*. Let alone a whole kit like that for $7. Cheap AC adapters can be horrible dangerous junk. Cheap li-ion 18650 are always risky, add who knows what charging circuit they threw together & contain it inside a sealed meal pipe? Not safe.

*Thats not to say you can't get a very good cheap li-ion charger but you have to build it yourself. Chips like the max1555 can even work from usb power without any other parts.

I'd be all over it if I needed something like that.

battery looks unprotected? I would never gift something like this unless they have a good understanding of the risks. but for $7, if I liked it, I'd buy it...

it's less than half the light the 502 is ...No it's not a worthwhile giftable light . you should have bought 16 .. not 6 ... there is a tr001 for 7.$ and trustfire flames 5$ and a 502 w/xml from dino ,,if you buy enough to use the 18 0ff 80$ then the same light better brighter drop in better battery and a better charger are under 20$each ... remember th e3 mode manafont xml drop-in was 18$ alone ..

You could do tennergy or rev jim batteries and a 2.50 buyincoin battery charger and save a bit ... but you can't beat the 10$ xml /504b/502/501b from dino

Interesting find.

But, yeah, I am with Boaz. And if my past experience with DX is anything to go by, then flashlight + compass = crap.

Funny they label that as an emergency kit.

For an emergency I would much rather have a flashlight that could run on AA or AAA batteries. While the car charger would be ok in a power outage, if it were a real emergency you may not have a car either.

Other than that, for $6.99 shipped across the world, it doesn't look to bad to me.

Thanks everyone. I deceided to not make this purchase for all the reasons listed above even though the $$$ made the flashlight look good.

One of my first posts on BLF..

This light was a 4$ deal found by Oxy moron last year .

Everytime i see someone comment on this light I think of my reactions to this light as a noob..Even then I saw it as an accident waiting to happen .

Some pretty funny comments in the original thread


LOL. Nice find! :)

I had totally forgotten about that thread. October 2010? Has it really been that long?