Batteries and Charger for Convoy S2+

Hello all. I recently ordered a Desert Tan V2 1A 7135x6 Convoy S2+ and I now need 18650 batteries and a charger. I was hoping someone could suggest some decent quality batteries and an inexpensive charger to go along with my new purchase. Thanks. —M64S2

Panny-B or Sanny-A (Panasonic NCR18650B and Sanyo NCR18650GA, respectively) for highest capacity. 6×7135 is a nice low-stress environment for Li cells, so they’ll be quite happy.

LiitoKala Lii-100B or Lii202 charger (1 bay and 2bays, respectively). Great bang for the buk.

Oh yeah, you can get various coupons/codes to make the LKs that much sweeter. Ask Fin17, r3crac, and others, for nice coupons to go-with.

Thanks! :sunglasses: