Batteries for Acebeam X45

Awaiting arrival of an Acebeam X45 and would like to get a spare set of 18650’s for it. I’m kinda lost at what to get. Flat top? Button top? Protected or unprotected? I need some guidance. Thanks.

  1. Either or is ok. 2. Either or is ok. As long as the four batteries are a matched set of the same that are kept together for that light. When inserting the batteries, double check for correct polarity. If you are new to the lithium ion battery scene, please check up on all of the usual, routine, basic lithium-ion battery safety instructions.

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I’ll just comment about protected batteries, although I don’t have an Acebeam X45, based on specs it uses 4x XHP70.2 for a total max brightness of 18000 lumens.

If just buying from “any” protected batteries, I notice that most of the common protected batteries trip at just around 6 Amps. I wonder if 6 Amps per battery may also trip when used on the X45 on max brightness level… (4x 6 Amps = 24 Amps, if the X45 does use 24 Amps, or when the protected battery gets a bit discharged, then it may trip?)

Need to use Button Top, Flat Top will not work. Use unprotected battery.

Those battery that came with X45 are Button Top Unprotected Battery(my understanding is those are rewrap VTC6).

Thanks all. I’ve had some unprotected button top VTC6 batteries in my cart, was just waiting to get some more feedback before I hit the buy button.

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