Battery advice please.

Hi all, thanks for letting me in!

I’m buying a small torch on kickstarter but it requires 3 x LR41 batteries, as these are disposable, I wondered if there was 1 lithium battery that is approx the same size to replace them please?


At the risk of giving unsolicited advice, there may be better options than that kickstarter torch.

Nope, 3 button cells have no rechargeable equivalent. It’s forever a battery eater.

It’s a great little concept torch… It’s magnetic base is the switch so when you pull it from key chain it switches on and when you put it back, it turns off… As a collector of torches and a vaper I have a plethora of lithium cells and various chargers. Such a waste to have to buy disposable batteries!

Thanks for the replies guys!

I’ve been considering this for the last few days and I’ve eventually come to the decision that I don’t want to use disposable batteries so I have cancelled my kickstarter pledge.

Roughly 8mm×11mm, that would be a 08110 cell if were one were made. Never heard of such a beastie, but hey…

No suitable replacement for those. They put out over 4.2 v and the form factor is an issue as there are no similar sized lithium rechargeable or primary, batteries. As was said, stock up on those from eBay.

A somehow similar concept is the ClipSwitch design: ClipSwitch Flashlights
You might find this interesting.

Another great concept! Thanks for the link…