Battery Pack Pulls - good ones?


i did it again :wink:

this time i tried some different packs than last time

out came:
3 cells from 1 pack: (GE Monitor)

do you know these cells? never heared that brand before…

and a pair of these:

(but i have not pulled all of them :wink:

what can the Samsung deliver in real life? (rated 4,4A)

What packs did those come out of?

medical equipment…
(packs have to be changes before they get old ;))

Would you mind taking pictures of those packs too? I'd like to see if I can find them on ebay. I'll only buy them if they're in my country, so we won't be competing against each other unless you're paying for international shipping.

About Moli. I only know of them because they made some nice high discharge cells used on power tool battery packs. I tried looking for some packs before, but they were too expensive.

Moli is a canadian company, they used to make the cells for Ryobi drill packs. The Moli’s I have are low-ish capacity but high drain cells. Here’s the data sheet on the icr18650h’s….

The Sammie’s are pretty basic….2200mAH, 4.4A max from my basic google-fu.

I’ve used salvaged Molicells before, but mine were a discontinued IMR, so I’m more comfortable pulling amperage from it….

as far as tests, I by no means do as extensive of a test as I should on salvage cells…but I’ll generally use them for lighter applications as long as they pull out of the pack with a healthy voltage (above minimum), share roughly the same voltage with their sister cells, and charge up properly. It would be best if you had a “smart charger” and could do discharge tests with it and see if they still match up to OEM spec for capacity and such.

i put them in the OP

i don´t know which machine exactly they come from…