Battery Solution for older 3x CR123 lights?

Is there such a unicorn as a reasonably priced 3xCR123 ( “16102?”) replacement battery?
I have an old Inova T3 and an old Surefire (dont remember which, not Commander)
that originally fed on 3 x CR123 cells.

I have some 17670’s I use in my Surefire Centurion. but not the same issue obviously……

Guess I’ll keep buying the good value Titanium Innovations CR123 primaries.
Don’t know how I would charge such a beast, but was thinking my
Olight Magnetic Universal Charger might be capable….

I suppose if it sent used in other applications, there is no market for it.
But would be great to have a single, rechargeable cell.

You could use a pair of 18500 cells in place of 3 primary CR123A 3 volt batteries if the internal diameter of the battery tubes are large enough.
17500 sized cells are available also but they have much less capacity then 18500’s.

2 protected 14500’s might work if they aren’t too long.

2x14500/17500/18500 depending on the diameter you host can handle. Are you powering incan or LED?

18xxx may not fit in surefire made for cr123, they do not fit in my g3. some SF can be bored out, but others have walls that are too thin where o rings are. 14500 and 17500 would fit, but look for ones capable of providing enough current continuously, you also want to find unprotested cells, inc bulbs pull a lot at first while cold, it could trip the protection circuit, and it usually does. but then you’ll run into another problem possible reverse charge due to one cell in series draining faster than other, it usually leads to explosions,

Yes it would help to say what model it is, or at least whether it is incan or led. If incan, you might be able to use a different bulb. It goes way back but I think the Streamlight Stinger used a 3.7 volt bi-pin bulb (intended for use with a nicad pack) that people managed to mod into lithium ion powered Surefire incans. Then you could use a single 16650 plus a spacer. There are high current 16650s out there with reasonable amount of capacity. And if you are really ambitious maybe you could PWM the bulb, or maybe here are devices out there for that already.

Incans don’t get much attention here on BLF, but CPF still has an incan section where you could look or ask for further ideas. It used to be very active and the old timers probably remember a lot.

Whats the best option to replace some old AW 17500 cells these days?

Better make sure to measure your AW’s first though, to check that the lengths match.