Bauhn color-changing led strip light

Aldis has these in the clearance rack marked down to $6, so they won’t be around for long.

Uses 5V USB power and an IR Remote to change the mode and colors. i cut open the heat shrink on the circuit board and its using an 8-pin mcu (etched off part number) where pin 8 is Gnd, and pins 5-7 are driving the gates of 3 fets. It might be a fun toy for experiments.

Here is a similar version with arduino hacking from a blog post, Thesen blog

the emitters are 5x5mm with red, green and blue leds on a flexible pcb with a thick clear coating. 150 Ohm resistors for G and B, 330 Ohm for R. They can be cut into individual segments 35mm long, 12mm wide and 2.5mm height. i could cut em up and put it in the mail if you need one.

reserve for mods