Beam shot tint comparisons - 219b, SST-20, LH351D and others

It’s difficult to get representative tints. These aren’t perfect, but a reasonable comparison to what the eye was seeing. Camera fixed to 5000k white balance.

nice selection

these two caught my eye

The thing that surprises me is, you think you have something similar to an incan, but only a direct comparison shows it is still miles away.

I don’t own an incan/xenon, how do they compare to LED? Is it worth picking one up?

Thanks for the comparison! :+1:

Have you modded the Wurkkos TS10 with SST20s?
Are you using the original TIR or the one from the FWAA?

My bad there, should have checked my data more.

The listing and order just said 4000k LEDs. I’m not 100% sure which LED they are, I think I may have guessed as SST-20. But they could be something else. The tint profile looks very similar to other SST-20’s in 4000k.

Light is 100% stock.

The incan looks so much nicer than the Nichia 219b. In isolation the 219b is lovely, but when you compare you realise how blue/cold it looks.

The warm white XP-L looks closer to the incans in photos. But the reality is, if you shine the WW XP-L at anything white, it makes it look yellow/brown, when the incan doesn’t.

Oh, ok :wink: I thought that you had modded it, which could happen!

Those are LatticePower CSP2323 LEDs. But indeed they look a lot like the SST20 in terms of tint :wink:
Thanks again!

fwiw, Nichia E21a are a direct replacement for the LatticePower LEDs, keeping the stock TS10 mcpcb and optic.

To use 3535 LEDs requires the FWAA mcpcb and optic. I like the TS10 stock optic better, beause it has a tighter beam. The Fwaa optic is Very floody.

here is the difference in beam diameter: