Beam Shots are up - Modifying a 109 LED flashlight to an 18 XP-G2 FETlight

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Nice how bright was it before you started ? When done can you signal batman with it .lol

I’m looking forward to it.

109 5mm leds are not all that bright, but it was basically a wall of light, total flood and blue/white tint.


Yeah, not sure of the actual specs, but making some assumptions, you could probably get close, like this:

3.3V x 20mA per LED = 0.066W each
109 LEDs x 0.066W = 7.194W total
Efficiency of 50 lm/W x 7.194W = 359.7lm

In reality, efficiency is probably less than 50 lm/W. And, with losses through the lens and such, the total output is likely no more than 300lm at best. That’s if the LEDs are pushed to their rated max, which they probably aren’t.

Will it be able to do this?

Seriously I doubt… :smiley:


They should’ve greased the ‘skillet’ first! LOL!

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Shouldn’t that be banned from gas stations? :disappointed:

Cheers :partying_face:

Interested To see how it comes out

Digging up my darkest sunglasses now :sunglasses:


Mod is done. It's kinda pukey weak and wasn't worth the mod or the money. Only 15 amps on high, so a lot less than an amp per led. Probably less bright than a good SRK.

Oh well, live and learn.

Perhaps someone could machine an extended or wider tube for it. Get a little more amperage coursing through that beast?

OL. Should you decide to continue with this project and want to send me a piece of glass I would cut out a lens for you. No problem for the OMAX.

Sorry to hear it. 15A should have given you a lot more than 3K lumens. And I don’t know how you can tell the difference, eye-ball, between 3,000 lumens and 2,500 lumens. Could it be that your starting point is actually much higher?

Sounds like you need one of these to quantify the results: The Legendary BLF Integrating Sphere starts here! (Delivered)

As to salvaging the project, is it possible that the LED’s are being underdriven? I’d suggest cutting half the LED’s off and checking the output with just 9 LED’S. Just a thought, anyway.

I think 15amps is pretty good off one battery! I was hoping it would give the 18a too but I had doubts.

So if one will do 15A, how about 3s? If you set the noctigon for series drive and wired em 3s6p, zener mod the driver for 3 cells, and get a tube to hold it together... holy cow! That would be pushing 400W!

Am I way off course here?

Beam Shots

Maybe more than 3,000 lumens.

@1dash1 - Yes, my lumens are guesstimates. Yes, I should have an IS, but if I can't buy a proper one, with all the calibration software, etc., then I don't want one. Especially not a home made one that guesstimates the lumens. It's probably more like 4500 lumens on start up, after actually seeing it outside tonight. When I said 3000, it was inside the garage and that's too enclosed to really guess by eye.

@ Turningbluechips - I don't even want to think about the possibilities with a water jet. It's scary cool. Thanks for the offer. I will try to remember that.

As far as more mods to this light, the idea was to see what could be done with a cheap shower head, single cell light light and I think that part worked out. It wasn't ever meant to be a monster as such. I've done enough of them already. Overall, it was just something to do and something to take my mind off the health issues going on right now, but it didn't work all that well. Just depressed lately... Soon, I will be tied up with operations and hopefully, recoveries, so modding will be just a memory for a long while to come.

From a single cell light, I’d say that is pretty decent :slight_smile:

All the best with the health issues.