Beamshot request: XP-L 2C Domed Vs. XP-L 2C Dedomed

Hello guys,

Does anyone have a side by side beamshot comparison between a XP-L 2C Domed (Stock) led Vs. a XP-L 2C Dedomed led taken in the same picture? I tried to locate one but could not find one. :frowning:

Also while searching found this thread, RaceR86 comments of not good results of a 2C dedome (turns greenish)

I also found something new to me, member sma tried a “Dome squeezed flat” method. What is the correct procedure to flatten the led dome? Could it work with the XP-L led? maybe this is a good alternative to getting a smaller hot spot without dedoming :slight_smile:

I was wondering if it would be a good idea to create a beamshot database of all the led tints members have dedomed with the results obtained…

Thanks in advance for your help! :beer:


I think dome squeezed flat was just a piece of glass pushed on top of the dome. speaking off the hip, I fear breaking bond wires.

also it was discovered that the xp-l has a little bubble on top of the die, so the dome is reported not to touch, so de-domes should happen a lot nicer.

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It’s not quite what you were after, but I’ve done some with an XP-L V5-2A the two on the left are dome on, and the two on the right are de dome.

The dome on hotspot is a lot floodier in real life, the camera just picks the hotspot up more whereas the de dome photos look almost exactly the same as real life.

Pictures were taken with the exact same light, and an OP reflector


I did so by pressing a piece of thin glass onto the dome.

However, this picture illustrates that this method does not increase luminance, which is the point about dedoming. So this method is the last you'd want to use :-) . The point of that experiment was to illustrate that the increased luminance is not cause by a smaller apparent die size, but by another effect.

Even if it were a useful method: silicone is quite rugged, you would have to retain the pressure, which would complicate things.

Thanks for the pic James, I wanted to see how much was the color shift of the 2C tint when dedomed.

Thanks for replying sma, I thought you had found a way to permanently flatten the dome, I was speculating you might have used a very hot flat metal pressed against the dome.

I don’t know if it applies to the XPL, but I did measure the color temp change on some XMLs and XML2s: