Beamshot Shootout /// C8 and C8 sized lights

Ok first off I didn’t know exactly where this belonged as far as the category , so I figured the “general” category would work.

I was not able to sleep tonight (last night) yet (4am here now) so mainly out of boredom , I went out about an hour and a half ago and did some beamshots with 10 of my lights.
5 of them are actual C8’s and the others are of fairly comparable size.

All of the lights I used tonight are modded to some degree with most of them fully modded, The only exception to this is the Acebeam L16 , which I have left in stock form , as I like it just the way it came.
I thought it could possibly be helpful to anyone who may be curious what the beams on any of these lights look like after being modded , if they have been considering modding , or having one of these particular lights modded.

The shots were all taken at 160 yards from the front of the barn and I did my best to keep the center of the beam aimed at the door opening on the front of the barn with each light.

The lights used will be listed above each picture as to which one it is. The Mods done will also be listed as to what parts such as the emitter , driver and so forth were used along with which light it is above each picture as you go down the page.

So here they are starting with…………………
Convoy L4 // Stock driver - 24awg spring bypasses - Dedomed XM-L2 U2 1A on Noctigon

Thorfire JM07 // OP reflector polished out to smooth - slight current bump on stock driver - Dedomed XM-L2 U2 1D ( I think that tint is right) on Noctigon - 20 awg spring bypasses

Brinkman C8 //(This one has a really deep Reflector and super tight beam) LD2 driver - XM-L2 U2 1D (HD) on Noctigon - 20 awg spring bypasses

This next light I bought off Dale November 2016 when he had to sell off some lights quickly……
Eagle Eye X6 (Dale Modded ) // LD2 driver - XP-L HI on Noctigon (tint unknown but in the neutral zone) and spring bypasses

BLF D80 // FET driver - Dedomed XM-L2 U4 1A on Noctigon - 20 awg spring bypasses

Thorfire C8 // FET driver - Orange Peel Reflector - XP-L V6 3D (HD) on Noctigon - 20awg spring bypasses

Acebeam L16 ( all stock)

Supfire L6 // FET driver - XP-L HI V3 3C on Noctigon - 20awg spring bypasses

And the 2 best throwing lights out of this bunch are the ………………………………
Convoy C8 (clear Anodized) // Built from bare host with , UCLP lens - FET driver - Dedomed XP-L V6 1A on Noctigon - 20awg spring bypasses.

Thorfire C8 // UCLP lens - FET driver - Dedomed XM-L2 U4 1A on Noctigon - 20awg spring bypasses

Thanks for the pics robo. What is your favourite? I notice some cattle taking advantage of the heat from the beams to keep warm. :slight_smile:

Cows Warm up? hahahaha I was out there in a T-shirt and cargo shorts and I was pretty comfortable , probably around 75 F early this morning. , we are sitting at 91 now. This is East Texas after all so ya never know what kind of weather one day to the next really.

As far as my favorite of the bunch of lights I posted in this thread , the Acebeam L16 for the overall styling and UI would have to be the one.
Amazingly that Thorfire with the dedomed XM-L2 U4 1A takes the throne for throw though. It will light up trees and larger objects at 500 yards plus and is absolutely the longest throwing C8 I have built to date.