Beamshots at foggy night : DRY, TN31, HD2010, aspherical and laser.

It was a foggy night. Very dense fog is hanging above the ground. I took several flashlight outside and made some beamshots.
At the end is a row of trees on 80 meters distance but the fog made the dot almost impossible to see. The whole air was bathing in light.
The pictures are taken with my Canon DSLR, all settings are the same. AWB was set on daylight.

Aspherical flashlight with a XR-E at 1.7A,

HD2010 with a fully dedomed XML U2


DRY with triple XML U2

100mW green laser, the ultimate thrower :slight_smile:

Nice! The HD2010 looks like Luke Skywalker's light saber (green) and the TN31 looks like Mace Windu's (purple). As soon as I saw your pics I could instantly hear light saber sounds in my head. LOL!

At some point you waved the lights back and forth making light saber noises didn’t you?

(I know I did last time I took my HD2010 out in the fog….)

Some lady yelled out of her window last night, "turn off that damn light!"

i replied, "but I can't see it's dark out here!" LOL

She came out and gave me a beer and she asked where she can get a like like mine for her husband for Christmas.

BTW - nice photos

That’s awesome! Was she hot??

Great shots,just luv the foggy nights for it.