Beamshots of new lights tonight

I have the Yezl S5 and (temporarily) two Ultrafire C303's to do beamshots for. Anything else people want shots of to compare? If I have it, I'll try.

Don can you show all the highs one after another, instead of high, med and low etc.

It is more easy to compare.

Not a problem.

C303 High

C3 R5

Yezl S5 High

Mr.Lite J4 High

Like that?

Then the Medium, then the Low?

Yes Don like that.

Is the C3 the brightest XPG R5 light in this test?

It could be. It does crack 300 lumens at startup - the light is on for less than 10 seconds for the beamshots and they usually have fully charged cells. I didn't top them off for this though - but i don't think I've used the C3 since it was charged. I have used the others. It is brighter, but less reliable than the C303.

It certainly isn't the brightest R5 light i have. The Yezl ought to be brighter from the lightbox measurements but there is only 10% in it.