beautiful colors for sipik sk68

check out this gorgeous colors…
BLUE sipik sk68
RED sipik sk68
GREEN sipik sk68

simply beautiful

Meh. I bought a three-pack with the red, green and blue some time back, on sale for $15. The colors are nice, but they’re single-mode lights. I much prefer the Ultrafire three-mode clone in black. For less than two of the colored ones you’ve posted, you could get an Ultrafire SK68 clone with an XM-L T6 and five-mode driver with a real low mode.

Show me?

UltraFire SK68 Focus Adjustable Zoom 5-Mode Cree XM-L T6 LED Flashlight (700LM, 1x14500/1xAA)

Our fellows forum members have order some and they are not xm-l lights…
Try again.

here is the thread I’m talking about……

Wrong. It’s a different light. You might notice that I also posted in the thread you linked. Note that I haven’t bought this Ultrafire light (waiting for it to come down in price) but it at least is not the same light. The main thing that gives me pause with the page I linked to is not the worry it’s the same light as at that same other ripoff posting, but that the battery type listed on the page doesn’t agree with the URL.

I don’t think I will put my $ on that…

When you know for sure, post here?

Good day.

I will, but I will probably not be the first to buy, and I plan to wait, as I said, until the price comes down.

I’ve submitted a query to verify the battery type and that it is an XM-L, and will let you know what the response indicates. It does seem to be an XM-L, looking at the closeup pictures of the LED itself, assuming that the pictures are not an attempt to defraud.

The light has been confirmed to take AA/14500 by the site’s customer service. They were noncommittal about the LED, probably because they don’t have the physical light next to them and/or the expertise, but referred to the product page. I might order one if it comes down a bit more, since the photos do seem to show an XM-L T6.

i was just mentioning abot how beautiful the flashlights color is…
you guys should be aware there’s not XML T6 for that price, unless it’s a giveaway or special offer.
for once i like to see another color beside the most common black or silver… just to add splash to the collection :wink:

I hear ya. I actually really like the colors on those. I’d use them the most of all my SK68s/clones if they weren’t one-mode. I’d be thrilled if they released the SK68 at its current price point in those colors and a five-mode driver (or even better a three-mode with a decent low), since the absence of a low mode is IMHO the only real strike against the SK68 at its current price point.