Because I Didn't Want to Buy an HDS Systems Light

In my quest for the perfect edc light, I resorted to building my own peices. Several Convoy S2’s, an M1, an M2, Eagle Eye X6 triple, an Astrolux s3, and most recently a Jaxman E2L triple.

The HDS Systems lights look like they would be perfect EDC’s, but I do not feel inclined to spend $200+ on a single light. However, I really liked the ability to have a bezel up clip that was screwed down into place. As opposed to the reversible, somewhat flimsy, convoy pocket clip all of us are familiar with.

I love being able to place the light on a cap to function as a headlamp. The Convoy clip was not sturdy enough to remain in this position while performing outdoor activities.

After purchasing the Jaxman E2L host, I realized this light was the perfect candidate with its removable bezel and all. Using a pipe cutter to cut through the aluminum tube, with the bezel on to prevent deformations, I was able to remove approximately 1mm from the top of the light.

The only issue I ran into was in removing the stainless steel bezel after the operation. It required a set of channel lock pliers and a fair amount of force. This resulted in a less than aesthetic light, but it allowed me to attach a Solarforce clip like so:



Obviously, there is room for improvement, but I am happy the idea worked. The convoy S3 may become the next victim!

Feel free to make suggestions on an ideal method for cutting the aluminum tube. Also, suggestions for a more appropriately sized
pocket clip?

Thanks guys, hope you enjoyed it!

Nice, beamshots please? :smiley:

Welcome to BLF, what a nice contribution as a first post! :slight_smile:

That looks very good, I have not seen a clip so far to the front before but I can see that it is very handy, also for pocket carry.

For an EDC it is not extremely important, but did you attempt to keep the light waterproof? That would require an extra o-ring under the clip but I doubt that there is space for it.

That’s a great idea. Although I never wear a cap, I like the idea of a screw-on deep-carry clip.

With the lanyard hole in that position is it still useful? I’d consider cutting it off so it wasn’t poking me in my pocket.

Have you made any other modifications to the E2L?

That setup looks awesome! I saw ToyKeeper using the Solarforce clip on the Emisars, and had to get some.

I ground off the lanyard ring and shortened/rounded the ends on mine.

I’m very happy that the upcoming FW3A will have the ‘captive-style’ clip. I’m hoping to buy some extras for other lights… :wink:

I thought about adding an o-ring behind the clip. Currently I have one at the lens and one in front of the clip. I might even be able to just move the o-ring behind the clip to achieve waterproofing. Although, I bet I could get a small o ring behind the clip as well.

I expected the lanyard hole to get in the way and bother me while in my pocket but so far it hasn’t been an issue.

I like the idea of grinding it down to fit flush though.

This E2L is running one of the led4power boards with the FET and temp sensors mounted on the MCPCB. The LEDs are 4000k Luxeon V’s. Also has a low current bleeder with a purple lighted tailcap from led4power.

So you made yourself a great looking pocket monster! :+1:
(It took me years on BLF to make something like that, you do it in your first post :person_facepalming: )

Great idea and mod FAB505. Gonna have try that out.

Some good thinking out of the box there!