Been away for a while, recommend me a headlamp

I see a lot has changed since I have been around, so I’d like some help from the experts on finding a new headlamp.


- Floody emitter (or multi-emitter as long as one is floody)

- neutral or warm white, 4000k and under.

  • built in recharging, with USB-C or micro USB in-body(not a separate magnetic dongle)

I think I would like something 18650 best but I’m open to other options, even a built-in battery like Nitecore often does. I have a modded Skilhunt H02 that’s perfect but it’s missing the rechargeable aspect.

Thanks guys

Not a lot changes. You have to DIY :slight_smile:

Get yourself a D10 and swap in a LH351D. Has onboard USB charging. Problem solved.

Sofirn SD40 with DC fix.

Armytek Elf C2. Choose XP-L or LH351D, 4000 or 5000K approx.

Yeah if you insist on the micro port. Might be tough to get an answer how close it is to 4000k but most of their “warm” are in that range. Probably better to just get the C2 wizard pro warm with the magnetic charger. All of the armytek headlights have a nice smooth wide beam pattern.

Which is what pilotdog explicitly excluded.

Edit: Opple Light Master III locates the ‘warm light’ Tiara (also XP-L) at 3700K, above BBL, not green but yellowish. The usual Armytek tint. If HCRI is not needed, I’d highly recommend it over the Samsung.

Not sure if it suits the needs given it is a 21700 headlamp, but check the Wurkkos HD20:

The recently announced Acebeam H17 kinda ticks most of your boxes, except that the built-in charging looks like it’s built into the battery, not the lamp.

ETA: They never say they color temp.

Agreed, and you can put in a TIR lens to make it floody. I really like my modified D10.

Hey there pilotdog68, great to have you back!

Hey PD68, great to see you around!

I like my Wuben H1. It’s got built-in micro-USB charging. There’s a floody warm low-power emitter, but the main emitter is sightly cool (5500ish?).

My go-to is a modded Convoy H1 but there’s no built-in charging.

As mentioned, the Sofirn SP40 is pretty ok. For the price, it’s hard to complain.

And for any of these that don’t seem floody enough, a little DC Fix goes a long ways (PD68 - PM me if you need some).

Seconding the D10. Pick your emitter (I did 5000K LH351D), pebbled TIR, fet+1 anduril driver…