Been lurking a while...

… and I thought it was about time to say hi.
I’ve been a flashaholic for some time now. It started years ago with an Arc AAA, then a Fenix L1T and an L0P. A few years later, I felt the need for something bigger. That was the Fenix E21. Then the LD40. Then the LD41. Then the E25. Then I updated my AAA EDC with a Maratac AAA. Fantastic light. It’s the one I ALWAYS have with me.
I was blown away with my first Nitecore, the EA4! So bright and compact! And I love the UI.
But as all flashaholics know, it never ends. Since then, I’ve added a (few) Tank007 E09(s). Somewhere along the way I tried a few “budget” lights like the Ultrafire C3 and A10.
Recently I added my first 18650 light, an XM-L Eagletac TX25C2. I’m amazed at the power of an 18650 light.
A week ago a Zebralight SC52 arrived in the mail. I wasn’t sold on the looks of the Zebralights. And while short, it wasn’t as small as what I had in mind. I figure an Eagletac D25A Clicky would be smaller than I imagine. But that SC52… WOW! It is absolutely amazing! With a 14500, it is almost too bright!
I like the machining and anodizing on it better than all my lights, and I thought the EA4 was good. It’s actually got me thinking that this is the last light I’ll need. It is that amazing.
Anyways, that’s all for now.
And this forum seems so much friendlier that that other one.

We will help you spend your money

Yes we will help you spend your money and I’m starting right now. Every flashaholic needs a great throw light and a great flood light. If you can find those two merged into one light, you can cover more bases with your money spent.
May I recomend a Fenix TK75 and a BlackShadow Terninator? A lot of bases covered with those two lights. Welcome aboard.

Hi NLE! Welcome to BLF! :party:

welcome to BLF… and there’s no such thing as too bright :wink:

Welcome to the family, NLE!! Sounds like you are off to an excellent start on your collection. You have one light that I definitely want to add to my collection and that is the SC52. Now you just need a big boy or two to add to your collection and the ones suggested by Chidwack2 are a great start! 8)

Welcome to BLF, NLE! I’ve checked out an SC52 and I’m thinking that’s a real nice EDC.

Welcome to BLF! However, those are not the words spoken by a true flashaholic! You must drop what you are doing and buy some more lights!


Beware the curve comes back around and soon you will want LESS light and less lights .

Glad you chose to stop lurking and come out into the light .

What other forum ?? :P

and let me tell you that in a month or so you will hate us all but you’ll keep coming back. >)

Thanks for all the warm greetings. I certainly enjoy reading your posts and hopefully I will be able to provide some value to this forum.

Hehe… thanks Chidwack2. I know how much more fun it is to help other people spend their money!
On the thrower issue, I sure wish I needed a big thrower. I know that doesn’t sound like a flashaholic speaking, but I find that I use the EA4 so infrequently because it is either too bright or too big to be on my person.

But to be honest, that TK75 looks mighty tempting. And the Terminator…. when Johnnymac posted his glowing review, I must have read and re-read it 5 or 6 times.

Besides, lights that big are hard to get by unnoticed by the wife. :slight_smile:

Hi, NLE. BLF is a cool place, if I do say so myself.

I’d recommend a Sky Ray King. As a minimalist, it’s awesome and every time you turn it on, you go “day-um!” One of the best floody bangs for the buck.

Hi JohnnyMac,

You will not regret that SC52! It is a-mazing!!! It is my first Zebralight, and having played with it for a few days, I think I have become a lifelong fan. It is a bit superficial of me, but I wish their lights looked a bit better. Still… it is such an amazing little guy that I am looking to buy 2 more just to gift to some family and friends that would really appreciate it.
I’ve read many of your reviews and I think you will really like the way it is made. It has a special finish on its anodizing that I haven’t seen before. I think there is something special in the way it is etched prior to anodizing. It looks like they run all the surfaces through a very fine grit belt sander. I wish I knew how they did it! Nice sharp corners, and very precise manufacturing.

Hi Garry,

If its any consolation, I’ve never stopped looking for something to buy! :slight_smile:
There is still an Eagletac GX25A3 calling my name…
Actually, the one light I am looking for doesn’t exist as far as I know. I may well have to make it myself. It would be a 2xAAA side-by-side with a front facing clicky. If I can stuff the SC52’s guts into that, then I would be quite happy.

Sorry Bigboss, I can’t hate you guys for making me buy more lights… but my wife absolutely hates you guys!

I heard there was this other forum where people were scolded for offering a contrasting opinion. Too bad, there are a lot of good posts there.
Boaz, this “curve’” you speak of… I’ve never heard it. I wish I did. :slight_smile:

Ok then, if you want something smaller, here is one that really love. 2AA light, my favorite. Very well made. 3 modes with good combo of throw/spill. Shiningbeam Caveman. Puts a smile on my face just holding it.

Welcome NLE.

I also long for a gx25a3. That is one sweet light. Spendy though!

Fortunately, I found a steal on an olight s35 baton. Its somewhat similar, but with simpler UI & lower max output, you might like it.

You have come to the right place, NLE!