Below 20%

Pleased to see I am now below 20% of all posts. Last time I worked it out I had more than 25% of all posts here.

Please do join in everyone!

There are lights that nobody else here will have.

And we'll never know unless you tell us...

Today at one point I saw there were 17 users logged on. I remember when there weren't that many users registered. In less than one year, this place has really grown!

And it is all thanks to Mr. Admin.

I can't say this enough.

Thanks for providing a place where we can all do what we do and enjoy ourselves!

Thanks Mr. Admin!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And thanks to YOU guys for contributing your time and knowledge and goodwill to everybody aboard! It's a pleasure to have you here.

As Don says, if you are lurking around here, sign up and join the fun!

17! Good things are happening here. 11 just now and 7 of them registered. This beats most forums where maybe a tenth have registered.

Edit: Look again and there are 14!

Look out torch world, here comes BLF!

This is a very nice forum. I lurked CPF a looong time and then registered - just to receive the 3 posts warning - and I never posted there again.

I feel that this forum is more relaxed, with a lot of people that like flashlights but will not die if their flashlights fail once every 20 years (my case). I see the need and merit of high end extremely dependable flashlight, but in my case I'm usually just playing with a telescope in the dark - if the flashlight dies I'll flick the light switch or find another one.

My biggest worry was an exploding flashlight - but Don explained that danger pretty well (fishinfool signature).

Keep having fun....