Benchmade 940-1 Osborne

This is a new version of the 940 Osborne with carbon fiber scales in place of the standard 940’s aluminum ones. Reduced weight and far better looking IMO. The blade on this one is the 940 reversed Tanto design in S90V steel. All in all a very nice knife though on the expensive side. I expect this is a 2014 year only knife though I am not sure about that. Certainly Benchmade has released a number of knives with that type of time limit on availability. My digital scale says that it weighs 2.45 ounces.

Lets see pic’s!

Knives are my first passion, I almost bought one of these but decided not to in the end cause I sold my regular 940 because I dont like the “reverse tanto”. I will buy a 943-1 if they ever make that, I love CF handles and super steels!

I dont know why I continue to buy knives, unlike my lights I dont rotate my EDC knives ever, I carry the same 2 or 3 knives every single day-

In my RFP I carry my small carbon fiber Sebenza (the full CF scale knifeart exclusive, not inlay version), its my main general purpose do everything knife.
In my LRP I carry my new Spyderco P’Kal ( I waited 6 months on a list to get it, they dont make alot of them), its never used for general use, its strictly for SD.
Then when I’m wearing jeans I carry my Spyderco Gayle Bradley in the carpenters pocket, I have the blade acid etched (with a natural patina on top), its beautiful for such a hard-work capable knife.

The only knife I sometimes rotate in is my benchmade 710 in M4, if I only feel like carrying a single knife its the one I go for (I have it waved and when I have it I carry it in my LRP and wave it open same as my P’Kal)

My Sebenza and GB.

BTW of you even need any knives sharpened I’m very very good (all my hand)\_9OFOEPEq9M

Nice knives! Personally I have a real weakness for the BM Axis lock though. Sorry but I am a LOUSY photographer. Last I looked all of the major web knife sellers such as Blade HQ, Knifeworks etc. have the 840-1 listed in both plain and serrated blade versions with photos. Easy enough to check out there.

I like the reverse tanto style of blade and I like the Benchmade Osbourne very much, the 840-81 looks good with the Damasteel blade, but I hate carbon fibre scales.

Those Osborne Benchmades are great knives. I’ve been carrying a 921s Switchback for a decade. Use it hard everyday and it is still in working order. Very worn but works well.

I never use the slip joint blade but I really love the Warncliff main blade. It’s an almost perfect EDC blade.