Best 10000mAh Hitgh Capacity D Cell NiMh for 2021 - 2022

I’m finding it increasingly harder to find good real 10,000mAh rechargable batteries.

Amazon (which HAD a good one called Amazon Basics) no longer has them and says they may not be available again.

So are there any good authentic better quality 10000mAh rechargable D cells out there?

A year or more ago I would not have thought I would ever have trouble getting these.

Actual/reliable 10,000mAh rechargeable batteries may not be available. Powerex AA are quite good, so maybe those come close. Expensive though, for sure.

Could you use the Eneloop D cell adapter and put in AA cells? You’d have to recharge them more is all….

3 x AA to D battery box


EBL - no way. I have 4 I’ve just finished testing; 6500-7000mAh with high self-discharge, and poor current support. I’m not impressed.

I just received and tested 4 of these myself with the same results.

EBL NiMh D cells are not as advertised.

As stated correctly by many others, these claimed 10Ah D cells are actually 7Ah - 8Ah cells

I use the Powerex D Cells in my old school 6D Maglite. They work great.

Ansmann have precharged rechargeable D Type 8500 and 10000 mAh NiMH MaxE Pro Battery available on Amazon UK.
Generally a well regarded manufacturer.
A few other less well known makes available as well.

How do the Tenergy Premium batteries test out?

Ansmann cells did well in HKJ’s 2018 testing.

Cannot address that particular cell. I have some of the AAA/AA/C cells in the Centura (LSD) line. I’d call them ‘average’. Not exceptional, not a bust. Maybe a bit better than EBL…maybe.
The Premium line is less expensive and not LSD. I’d guess not as good.
I’ve had bad experiences with the “Blue” line in the distance past. I’d consider them ‘poor’. But, it was awhile ago. No idea if they’ve improved, or not.

Soshine is another option. A good review from HKJ in 2019.

I sent the EBL’s back

Today I’m receiving 4 RayHom 10Ah D cells.

Will let you know their capacity after testing.

Like their other cells……poorly.
Premium pricing for sub par products imo.

Please do. Never heard of them, which I think is not a good sign. I’m hoping for a surprise.

RayHom D Cell 10,000mAh

ACTUAL tested capacity (drumroll please)………


Worse than EBL.

What a waste of time. Save your money. Back they go.
There are just way too many fake reviews online of Chinese products.

Advice: If you look at the reviews on Amazon they look pretty good……IGNORE ALL REVIEWS ABOVE 1 STAR. Read ONLY the ONE STAR reviews to really know these batteries

Granted…maybe these are not authentic? Who knows?
These came from ebay
Granted, this was first run, I will do a 2nd run (capacity test) to verify but I can already rest assured it won’t change by much if any.

Getting true 10,000mAh capacity D cells is becoming exceedingly difficult if not expensive

Last year I could get 4, True 10Ah D cells for around $24.00. Right now, if you can even find decent ones, they are more like $45 - $60 for 4
I am really wondering….temporary?… or a dismal sign of how bad things are going to get permanently ?

All the money I made in stock market over the years has been effectively lost due to inflation and/or shortage induced price increases in ONE YEAR.

$64.00 for 4. :open_mouth:

For all intents and purposes if you want a 10Ah D cell NOW, you will pay $16.00 EACH !

Last year you could get the same for $6.00 EACH.

Tell me what your money is worth now ?

A 4-pack of Ansmann 8500mAh D cells sell for $45

in HKJ’s testing, they delivered 9168mAh at 0.1A discharge, and 8434mAh at 1.0A discharge