Best 18650 for an emergency crank radio.

I’m preparing an emergency radio for the mother of my Granddaughter (5).

It will go with 1-3600mAh Panasonic inside the radio and 4 in a box.
However, I believe in Murphy’s law.
The mother could lose the box. Be without power for a month
and a half. Like I went with hurricane Andrew.
And she may eventually have to crank.

Is this the best battery for taking charge by cranking?.
Any suggestions will be appreciated.


If it has a li-ion charging circuit, any battery will work ok.

You are not converting from NiMh cells or something are you?

Why not just use AA cells?

I forgot to mention the radio has an option for 3 AAs.
Which I already filled with Eneloop blacks.
I don’t know if it’s going to charge the 18650 or the AAs.
You can never be over prepared.


This is a novel in episodes.

It came with an unprotected “2600” mAh. Maybe 2000 by weight.
It has a USB port i.e. to charge phones, and a mini USB to charge the radio @ 5V.
The idea of providing a power supply instead of a box, never crossed my mind. I have a ton.
Thank you!. Good one. Thank you all for your valued comments. THE END.


if it has a USB input that would power the radio, just use a regular power bank to run the radio

it at least has a built in charger
usually you have to supply them with 5V micro USB
and they have the big USB outputs