Best 18650x1 or x2 headlamp under $30?

I’m now in the market for an 18650 - powered headlamp under $30. Powered by one or two batteries (I prefer one).
I also prefer a mechanical clicky over an e-switch due to parasitic drain but since almost all headlamps are e-switch, I may not have a choice on this so e-switch is ok.
I see some on Amazon but quality is questionable. There are many high quality handheld flashlights under $30 but don’t know about headlamps.

Thank you for your help!

Wowtac A2 or Wowtac A2S.

Sofirn D25S has worked well for me. Have the D25 and it is just about perfect for my needs.

Boruit D-10


Nitecore HC50
Nitecore HC60

Yes, I am biased because i am a Nitecore fan.

Skilhunt H03, can be had for around $30 if you can find a coupon.

^These just came out not long back. There was a coupon just a week back floating around here to get one at $25 through Amazon. I did that, but they only allow you 1 (ONE) with the coupon. Mine came in yesterday and the UI is ok - you press and hold to change levels which isn’t intuitive. Nifty little headlamp which is USB rechargeable. The charger port is covered by a cap you unscrew opposite the on/off button which will keep pocket lint out of it and keep it dry. I’ll most likely unscrew the cap so the battery isn’t making contact and leave it in my car with the 5 flashlights I have in there for emergencies. Came with a battery, wrap said Sofirn 2800 mah.

I’m happy, wish they’d let me by a few more for that kind of $.

I ordered my first headlamp recently, EagleEye X1R, only $14, haven’t received it yet, i dont know why other headlamps such as skilhunt are expensive.

For what purpose? Waterproofness? Color temperature , rendering? Reflector or TIR? When i buying cheap flashlight most important thing is it "dismantlable - moddable". Wowtac A2 with rechargeable battery for 20$ looks really good. And looks like it's moddable. Read more

I would recommend The D10 or D25(S) by... whomever. Sofirn, Boruit, someone. lol

I would like to thank everyone for their suggestions!
Still looking into the matter. Never heard of some of these lights!
The Nitecore’s are too expensive for me but they do look nice.
I’m wondering about the threads on some of them - the D10 and D25. They look a bit shallow but maybe I’m mistaken. Anyway, thank you all!

I’d recommend the Skilhunt H03 with a slight stretch to $36 with the current offer from bgood.
A solid headlamp.

Wowtac A2S. At the top of your budget but won’t disappoint.

I got my YLP Panda 2M CRI for just under $30 with a coupon that, I believe, has expired, but you could always ask and see if there’s a current one.

Even though it’s a little heavier than I prefer, I love that lamp. But if you’re not a tint/CRI-snob, the Sofirn/Boruits are ok, too.

Taken from YLP coupon for BLF - #23 by fnksb

I just purchased the YLP Panda 2M with coupon based on reviews and the lowest parasitic drain I’ve ever heard of (two reviews measured 0.04 μA and 0.5 μA for the CRI version). This is lower than Zebralight. Wow.

I may purchase one more headlamp, a different one as a backup.

Does anyone know the parasitic drain for the Wowtac A2?