Best 1km Throw King? ASTROLUX® EC01X SBT90.2 6800lm 3065m 46950 Flashlight Review >>> $129

In case you have missed it.


That certainly is a handsome chunk of light : - )

Model: ASTROLUX® SBT90.2
Price: $129
Coupon: BG1111B19
Store link:

These new larger batteries are very interesting. What is the longevity of this battery? These could fade out like the dear old 26500. Could Astrolux make an adapter to fit for 46800 and 21700s? I would feel at ease if I could fall back on alternative batteries. I’m not the target audience that buys a cool toy and then sells a few weeks-months after I’m bored with it.

You make some good points. From what I understand, these batteries are significantly better quality than your average 18650. They are rated for many more charge cycles, I mean like a lot more.

It seems the future includes larger lion batteries.

Its not like the demand is not there, they are making chaninsaws and lawn mowes now that are electric.

Batteries are rated for 1500-2000 cycles. Billions of dollars have been invested into these cells by most large auto manufactures. It looks like the 46 series cells are going to be around for some time.

From linked In “At present, various battery companies around the world, including Tesla, Panasonic, CATL, BAK and EVE Lithium Energy, are actively promoting the research and development and mass production of 46 series large cylindrical batteries.”

That’s good news for us then.

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where can i order a extra 46950 battery

Skylumens has 4695 4695 30,000mAh - Sky Lumen

I would wait a bit see if Astrolux releases an identical one. There is no telling if Skylimen will fit.