Best AA flaslight for mod with nichia 219B?

Hi all, im looking the best AA flaslight that can mod to put a nichia 219b 4500k in 16mm noctigon. The points should be:

1- Easy to mod and 16mm mcpcb
2- Driver powerfull for use with AA ( no problem if runs 14500 or not)
3- Good build quality, driver and tail with retaining ring etc)
4- 3 modes (not blinkies or moon) or 1
5- Clicky switch

The candidates at the moment are:

1- Jaxman e3 (wait until change the driver for 3 modes instead of 2)

2- Thorfire tg06s

Any other options?


Check out Sofirn SF14. It should fit all 5 requirements :slight_smile:

Good one!, looks prety similar to the thorfire, a good option.

Any other options?

From MascaratumB’s review:

the SF14 appears to take a 14mm MCPCB and a 16.7mm driver.

Thanks for the information, it seems that the jaxman e3 its the best option.