Best AA or AAA Flaslight under $10 from DX?


I am looking for the best flashlight from DX for under $10.

I want to buy it from DX because i have a coupon of $10.

I look forward to any suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

Besides the SK68, I love the Uniquefire AA-S1 Linky . I’ve had one for a few years and it makes for a reliable, simple floody EDC light -it’s $11 but worth it I think.

I think the Romisen RC-G2 used to be about $11, I would have said spend $1 and buy that but its gone up to $13.99 now.

Otherwise maybe this C3 type light with the extension for less than $10

I’d say the SK68 is a solid buy for less than $10.

But this LightCastle looks interesting. It’s got an neutral white XP-G led and for less than $10 at that.

I forgot to write that I don’t like zoom flashlights…

I still use and enjoy my version of the Uniquefire AA-S1 , But I replaced the emitter with a Nichia 219 B10 .

I think the best is “ultrafire c3” or the same host but more cheap… 1 mode only: if you need more modes, the singfire sf-78