Best App for tracking your packages from anywhere.

If you are like me and want to track multiple packages from any Postal System or currier co. all at the same time this is the App I have been using for the last couple of years. It's called "parcel", and it tracks everything and sends me a pop up notice every time the package is scanned or moves.

Mine is an ipad app, and there is an iPhone version, I don't know about other devices. It's free, and lets you track up to three parcels. I paid an extra $1.99 for the deluxe and got a few extras like tracking up to thirty parcels with instant notifications.

It pretty much supports every postal system and currier in the world, and makes multi-tracking a one glance operation. No need to keep inputting tracking numbers.

Sounds really useful. Always get super annoyed with having to find the tracking numbers, then input it. thanks

Downloading it now. :)

You’ll love it. It’s well worth upgrading to the deluxe version. It’s been a couple of years, so I can’t remember the exact price

Yeah, i use Parcel also, along with USPS and Anpost which is the Irish.

Why don’t you track USPS and Anpost with “Parcel” and keep everything in one place?

For Android, I use TrackChecker

Can scan a barcode to get the tracking number.

Customizable to search different companies and notifies of events.
Includes hundreds of postal services and transport companies.

Also has a windows program at which I have not tried.

I might try that next time as i only tried Parcel a couple of times

It's 1.99 if you want to track more than 3 packages.

Thanks for sharing! Trying out now!


I use an excellent program called "Parcels" to track my stuff on Android.

Isn’t that some sort of barometer?

Yep. And Altimeter, watch, calendar, computer, flashlight etc.

Ok, I have been trying out the free version of the "parcel" tracking app for iPhone for two weeks now. I like it, but it seems like 90% of the time I get an error message saying "Sorry, Unable to update the data. Please check your internet connection". Is this a frequent issue with this app? The two tracking numbers I have entered right now are set to USPS for tracking, so I know it's not an issue trying to pull tracking data from China Post or HK Post websites. I would consider purchasing this app if I didn't get this error so frequently.


I use shiprack for android. Its free. I’ve had 6-7 numbers in there at once. It auto identifies the carrier based on the number

ive used parcel for android for a couple years now… always worked great for me

I use this for iPhone/iPad :slight_smile: —>

I might try “Parcel” to see how it is, thanks! :slight_smile:

In the years I’ve been using parcel, I’ve had that message a couple of times. Both times it was my Internet connection.

Thanks for this thread!

TrackChecker for Android was nice!

Anyone know of a Windows program or web-browser site with good multiple order tracking features like the apps?

I've seen the same behavior at my office (WiFi) and at home (WiFi). Now it's working ok (I'll get the error, then try again and it works.).