Best budget headlamp

Hey guys, haven't been on for a while. looking for a decent budget headlamp, with a Cree emitter. I have some good flashlights but not any good headlamps. I have a cheap energizer one but it doesn't cut it compared to my regular flashlights!!

Another option would be if I could find a good price on just a headstrap piece that I could mount my Solarforce L2/XPG-5 light into.

will a solarforce L2 fit in this ?

No. I write that rewiew @ caidomain - it will not fit. AA lights only.

Ok what would be a good AA lamp that i could put in that headband? Cheaper the better. Doesn't have to be super high output, and flood would be better than throw.

Would this work?

Weight and adjustability will be the main issues with P60 hosts.

Thanks guys, I ended up just ordering this one that was linked to in the thread you posted. Cheap and I like that its got a Cree LED, and is one AA instead of 3 AAA. I like the color of the headband too.