Best budget thrower flashlight?

Is the solarforce master piece pro1 still the winner for thrower flashlight?

I have done some research and found out there is some reviewer recommend uniquefire HS-802 and HS-801

But i couldnt find any compare of beamshot between this flashlights. Anyone have these flashlight and willing to do a compare of beamshot? which one is better in term of throw?(among the 3 above)

Anymore recommendation of good thrower flashlight will be nice too.

Price wise, lets keep it budget

Thanks in advance!

As long as you're not looking for crazy useless throw, the MRV clones are probably the best value. ~40mm reflector.

If you just want the max beam of light for bit of fun, buy a 50mm dx lens and tape/glue it to the front of these.

What do you think about this for 17 euro?

tot about it but recoil does not have a good thermal management. i like to mod the flashlight too.

I found this and it looks like a winner.

Palight C8 with the XP-G or a Trustfire F15 with an XM-L, both less than $30

Dorcy 4xAAA yellow light you can get at Sears, $19, LOL, do they have a Sears in Singapore?

This recoil throws a ton for $15
It doesn’t out throw my SF Masterpiece but it’s in the team picture with it. I wouldn’t worry about heat management either. I have run mine for hours straight when using it as a ceiling bounce light. It doesn’t get really hot. Even though the emitter sits in front of the lens, it is still attached to a pretty good bit of aluminum. It’s not a real hot setup to begin with.
Great thrower for $15.
I think that the HS 801/802 can be had pretty cheaply from buy in coins. I don’t have one but it has a very good reputation.

It pretty much comes down to what you really want.

If you want a pure thower that puts out a thin beam that can light something up +100m away, but not light up anything near you or arround the target - then the MPP1 is impossible to beat for the price.

If you want something more usuable for general purpose then the MRV lights are very nice.

Hi hanshang,

I've been lurking for a while and seeing the great tone of this forum I've joined. The fact I won't get my head bitten off

if I'm not always 100% accurate as much as I might try and maybe just pointed in the right direction sounds good.

Anyhow here goes - for a great throw with a nice white beam

with a small spot and slight spill the best bang for your money you could try ..

"CREE Led 500Lm K8 Flashlight Torch Lamp Charger 18650" from EBay. It comes with 2x 2400mha batteries and

a mains charger and a car charger for around $20-$25 Aus.

Thanks for everyone help and input!!

to Langcjl: I dont think i will get a recoil as i wished to mod the flashlight in the future. thanks anyway!

to Piers : i want to own a thrower shooting a thinner beam like a laser, lol i know its not possible but something close to that.

to mazda96hatch : Thanks and that flashlight is real cheap, i will bookmark it and buy in the future.

and i saw this beast from the same seller

and a new stt80 led

haha no sears for me in singapore sad to say. and shipping from US is costly too

I have that SST-80 with an aspheric lens from DX fitted. It's probably the best thrower I own with a very bright square spot and virtually no spill. The lens basically fits as a direct swap without need for modification to focus the beam. The dark lines of the led are visable closeup but not a problem at a distance.

Good luck with whatever you choose as there is always another day and another cool torch.

do you have beamshot of them?

More and more choices and i dont know what to buy

Sorry, as being relatively new to led torch collecting I dont as of yet. Althought I would add that the SST-80 with aspheric lens and the trustfire X6 SST-90 throw pretty comparible with the amount of light being throwen being the difference. There is a gum tree in the next street from me ( my test tree) that would have to be at least a 150m away and and both lights hit it easily but the X6 lights the whole tree up. Having said that the little single 18650 torch from EBay hits it equally as well just with a small dot in comparison (a couple of feet diameter in all that distance). I might try to take some beam shots tonight.

sorry to trouble you and thanks once again

Aloha and welcome to BLF mazda96hatch!

Is a Trustfire ST-50 with a SST-50 emitter.

From reviews I've seen it is very fussy about battery quality (Shuts down after a few minutes on blue/grey Trustfires), and some have had driver problems.

The 'SST-80' is a myth.


I just got a Masterpiece Pro 1 and I'll tell ya what folks; if you think the "lowly" XR-E hasn't got game, you need to see this thrower do its thing. A full review is coming (I'm waiting on an F15 to come for my big thrower contest) but suffice it to say this one hell of a nice flashlight.


Hi there mazda96hatch, thanks for joining BLF! We're glad to see you here.

The Solarforce Skyline 2 is the throwiest flashlight I own. It's a tad bit on the expensive side though, around $28 IIRC.

Thanks for the warm welcome.

Here are some pics I took last night. (be kind...first time)

Wall at 1.7m. SST-80 with aspheric lens on left, Trustfire X6 center and K8 right

K8 hitting tree in next street

K8. You can see most detail of the tree.

SST-80 with aspheric lens.

SST-80 is much brighter.

Trustfire X6.

X6 just puts out masses of light.

Although blurry this what the SST-80 looks more like to the naked eye. Really stong beam.

This is a shot of my TK41. It's not exactly 'budget' but it's truly an awsome light.

As far as the SST-80 goes I can only go by what is written on the side of the torch, although it does look identical to a SST-50. As you can see the K8 does a mighty job especially for the low cost. My son likes it because it looks like a light sabre when he shines into the night sky.

Hope this helps you a bit.

Great pics, Mazda! Thank you for sharing them. That X6 does look nice.