Best charger that can charge over 1 amp other than Opus and Miboxer?

Hi all, it’s your favorite person here with Miboxer C4-12 problems…… AGAIN…

I am reading the forum about chargers but would like opinions of good chargers that can charge over 1 amp if needed. I have the C4-12 and Lii-500.

I would like advice from people that know about good chargers for the money without paying $200- $300.

Miboxer C4-12 measures brand new cells at 999 ohms. I’m getting pretty frustrated at this charger. I even got “—-” today for the ohms on Miboxer.

Thanks in advance.

Mike :smiley:

Get a couple MC3000s and you don’t have to think about shopping for chargers for a while.

How much is a MC3000? Never heard of it before

If MC3000 is too expensive, then also look at these:

- Folomov A4

  • Xtar SV2 Rocket

Wow I’ve never heard of any of these lol. All on Amazon? Do any Xtar chargers come with power brick plug things if that makes sense? Or do I just use my phone charger?

But does it prevent you from manually setting the desired charge rate?

Sometimes yes. I tried setting it to 2 amps charge and it went back down to .92A charge.

Does not do that with my LG HG2 cells though. It’s strange

Anywhere from $95-$110 shipped to Americans in America.

It’s ‘probably’ the best consumer charger, extant.

It’s not a charger for dolts, however.


What was the cell’s voltage when it happened? Once the cell is close to full, the charger will automatically reduce current - standard CC/CV algorithm thing.


Pete I’ve had 2 cells in there charging for 51 minutes now and it says 4.2V but the charger also says the cell is 28% charged.

Can’t beat the Rocket! Press of a button shifts between 1amp to 2 amps and it is relatively inexpensive.

Nitecore has some that do 3A charging IIRC.

That’s a bit much for me. Right now at least. I dont need a charger with bluetooth and an app.

I will look at some of the mentioned chargers.

Is that the Nitecore VS4 or whatever it’s called? New charger (I just seen it) looks like D4 just bigger, tells you if the battery is “good” and such?

Pete I guess I shouldn’t say it’s “too expensive” since I did buy the Maha Powerex for NiMH over $100 lol.

Try some alcohol on the contacts . Should drop the ohms .

Hey pennzy I actually just did clean them last night with some rubbing alcohol. Worked good at dropping the ohms. Seems to be either the protected batteries with issues or the charger. Idk anymore. The percentage did just change from 28% to 81% just now so idk what’s up with that.
That Xtar Rocket looks really nice. Might buy one just because I like the idea of a smaller 2 bay charger like for traveling or whatever. Looks like a nice little charger.

But yeah I don’t get what’s going on with whatever is causing this problem.

Could I just be the batteries?

Oh btw I cleaned the charger with alcohol last night. Used a pencil eraser on the battery contacts today.

Unless it’s preventing you from selecting higher charge currents, I would not be concerned with what it reads. I have exactly one cell that reads low. All others read high . The 26650 is the one that reads low . I think it is also the longest, putting the most pressure on the contacts. With this theory , resistance should decrease by pressing on the slide with my finger but no, it doesn’t so I don’t know whats up with it.

Ok. It seems to be working now. Maybe I just put em in and just let it do whatever it wants to do.
Lol. Thanks all for the help.