Best Convoy Thrower?

yeh that seems to be the most recommended, however ill wait for the comparison by Funtastic. btw why is everyone recommending the c8+ is it due to the law of diminishing returns going with the l21a nearly twice the price with not much gains?

I wish there would be some video review on the 3×21a that thing has a 1029m range, and I’m imagining the spill to be pretty good given the 3x sft40 combination? not to mention the long battery life. USB-C charging? what’s not to like? I know its a little more expensive than the other two (c8+ and L21a/b) but damn its ticking all the boxes. but I wont buy until I see some proper reviews and beam shots comparisons, too bad there aren’t any yet…

Like Funtastic said, the CSLNM1 osram is more intense, which makes it appear brighter (at the hotspot in the middle of the beam), but the spill of the CULPM1 is brighter allowing you to see more around the hotspot and theoretically lets you see more field of vision in front of you, not just really far down range / in one small concentrated spot near you.

The 3x21a or 4x18a with (3) osrams would be awesome, and is a modification i am acutally going to do to a different 4 x emitter light, i think it would be cool. It would throw further than the sft40 3x21a, but in my opinion the beam color and quality may not be as good. it is hard to tell with those multi reflector lights until you have them in hand how good the Beam quality is with any given LED.

This light will get very hot, hotter than the single sbt90 light or at least just as hot ( i think the 3x21 is listed at running at 17.8 amps, and Simon said his sbt90.2 driver is an 18amp driver) so they may be very similar, but the 3x21a i dont think would run noticeably less hot. Also, the battery life ( if both are same configuration) would probably be similar because their both running drivers with similar amp output, so one shouldn't be much better than the other here either. The 3x21a is putting out a lot of output, it will be noticeably brighter than the sbt90, and have larger spill, but the 3x21a will not throw as far (a triple reflector light throws around 20% less than the equivalent led in a single reflector light, i think i read somewhere form U/TomE). so the 3x21a could fill the gap between the single osrams or sft40 light and the sbt90 light, but in reality in some ways it surpasses the sbt90 light.

I think you just need to remian focused on what your goal is for this light -


bright "spill"?

long range ?

long range and bright "spill"?

1 battery or more than 1 battery?

internal charging?

brings me back to this - if you dont need charging then get the C8+ with cslnm1 (price vs performance = this is a winner, as other shave said). if you do want charging get the 3x21a or 4x18a (either triple LED or sbt90, respectively - they will be similar enough in output, throw, and awesome performers, with differences i mentioned above). The L21a is awesome, but heavy and the tradeoff in weight probably isn't worth the loss of portability you get with the C8+, if portability is important to you. this is where the L21b may be a good compromise - lighter than L21a, better throw than C8+, but with performance close to L21a and weight closer to C8+ than to L21a. its just kidn've.. blah looking. lol

you know I figured I just buy a charger already, I just bought the LiitoKala Lii-402 6.5 usd delivered. now the USB thing is no longer an issue.

“but in reality in some ways it surpasses the sbt90 light.” TRUE lol

portable? well lets just say not an L7 anything below that is ok like l21a or any soda can style light.

bright “spill”? why not, at no compromise to range ofcourse

long range ? hell yeh

long range and bright “spill”? hell yeh

1 battery or more than 1 battery? 1 battery or the more the better

internal charging? now no longer an issue i just bought a charger, although it would be nice to have still

I actually really liked that green LED you did in a video, worked suprisingly well against a natural background of grass, tress etc. Im waiting for Simon to fix the focus issue and will definately get at least one light with the green Osram. Very underrated LED IMO.

How can I find the video about the Green Led??

TIA. :white_check_mark:

im gonna wait for the comparison shot of the L21B as the small single cell battery size of the 18650 in c8+ is a turn off

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Given that I expect the OP will buy more flashlights in the near future, I would recommend the Vapcell S4 Plus.

Well yeah, I agree; a larger & more sophisticated charger would be much better.
BUT, since it seemed buying a charger was either a financial burden OR a possible traumatic experience for him…. I elected to start him out slow when I made that suggestion. :wink: :innocent: :white_check_mark:

:person_facepalming: :person_facepalming: … Duuhh, well yeah… that should do it!!! :+1: :smiley:

My bad & thank you!! :+1: :beer:

w0w, Thanks for the video Funtastic!!!
I see a couple of L21B’s are in my immediate future! :+1:
It blows the C8+ away. :wink:

Only if Convoy gets the focus as good as I have tuned it. Currently if you install a cslnm1 it’s worse than a C8 using the stock 3030 gasket. I currently have 75x L21B’s sitting in my room with another 24 on their way that I’ll be tuning myself. I’ve got a heap of hunters looking forward to buying one as it outperforms many more expensive brands out there.

Convoy never waited for my final measurements on the correct size gasket, so it may not be as decent.

“Good thrower” really depends on the requirement - how far, and ahow wide is the beam.

I’ll give some info about LEDs, based on my beamshots testing with various flashlights and various LED types.


  • in general, a bigger LED will produce more light (higher lumens), but will have a wider beam (thicker beam);
    whereas a smaller LED will produce less light (less lumens), but will have a more focused beam (thin beam)
  • thin beam will generally mean more range (farther beam distance) ; whereas thicker beams are usually more “floody” (not so far)
    BUT there some characteristics may not be generalized…
  • flat (domeless) LEDs result in a more throwy beam ; while domed LEDs tend to result in a bit less throwy beam
    flat LEDs usually have a big less lumens than domed LEDs (need to consider other factors too)

SIZE ( & depth) of the flashlight head/reflector:

  • a bigger head/reflector will result in a more focused beam
  • a smaller head/reflector will result in a wider (not so focused beam)
  • a deeper/longer reflector will also result in a more focused beam

1) GT-FC40 = somewhat big LED, this is definitely not for a “thrower” type beam, since it’s for a high-CRI (good color rendering), it won’t be as bright and it won’t be as throwy as most of the other LEDs, what it excels is the color rendering factor (usually more useful for nearby-use)

2) SBT90.2 = this is a big LED and has a thick beam; usually big LEDs produce a more floody (not focused beam), but the SBT90.2 produces a fairly throwy beam despite being a bigger LED. Thus this is used mostly for bigger flashlights

3) Osram CSLPM1/CULPM1 = this is a flat LED

4) Osram CSLNM1/CULNM1 = this is a very small flat LED, results in a very focused (thin) beam, that reaches far.

Other ‘thrower-type’ LEDs that are useful would be the XHP35-Hi and XPL-Hi (thus for “throwers”, generally look for SBT90.2 if bigger size light, and Osram NM1 if it’s a smaller size light. But the XHP35-Hi, XPL-Hi, CSLPM1/CULPM1 are good depending on the size of the light. Osram CSLNM1/CULNM1 produces a “pencil-thin” beam that I personally don’t like much (except maybe when it’s on a very small light and need a throwy one).


For compact-size throwers, I would suggest going for Convoy C8+ (XPL-Hi) for a relatively well-balanced beam.
The Convoy C8+ (Osram NM1) will have a more throwy (farther) beam, but less total light (pencil-beam)

In terms of flashlight head/reflector size:
Convoy C8+ is smaller than M21C, which is smaller than L21A, which is smaller than 4X18A / L6 / L7.

Assuming the same LED is used, then the bigger head results in a more throwy beam. (more throwy beam means less “spill area of light” too.)

the charger cost is not the problem I just bought 2 today, the LiitoKala lii402 and astrolux VC04. the issue is the cumbersome task of taking out the battery/s each time I have to charge them lol. also USB charging is very universal, you can charge it anywhere. in car, travel, hotel with the cable you use for your phone, the convenience factor alone really makes paying a little extra for onboard charging worth it for me. however since i got the USB chargeable lights already, (sc31 pro and M3-c) and now that i have aquired the chargers the USB charging is no longer a requirement.

a very detailed answer thank you, now I understand, I do like throw but not a total ‘pencil beam’ NM1 because its less useful and more for play, I think my ideal LED is the CSLPM1 vs CULPM1 with throw and a more usable beam (wider). what’s the difference between these 2 anyway CSLPM1 vs CULPM1? L21B still does sounds interesting, ill wait around until funtastic or anyone puts up some video reviews.

You might light the SFT40 instead if it comes back in the L21B, currently Convoy have pulled it from their store

hey, best thrower I’ve had from Convoy was M21a with green osram led. I had it at the same time with L21a osram and it was really competitive. So what I propose: ask Simon to make L21a with green osram led. I’m gonna ask him too.

OK, good info; thanks. :white_check_mark:
That’s a shame Convoy didn’t wait on your measurements for proper focus…

I’d suggest waiting for L21B’s focus to be fixed since it out throws the L21A.

Green CSLNM1

L21A - 1,560m
L21B - 1,700m